Sweden Declares S£X As A Sport As Each S£x ‘Match’ To Last For 45-60 Mins

Sweden has made an unprecedented declaration by recognizing sex as a sport and is set to host the inaugural European Sex Championship. Taking place on June 8, the competition will be overseen by the Swedish Sex Federation. Participants will engage in intense “matches” lasting between 45 to 60 minutes, competing for six hours each day over several weeks.

The European Sex Championship will feature competitors from various European countries showcasing their talents and abilities in 16 different disciplines. These disciplines encompass a wide range of activities, including seduction, body massages, exploration of erotic zones, prelude, oral sex, penetration, endurance, physical appearance, pose execution, creativity in position changes, the number of orgasms within a given time, artistic performance and pose transitions, and the capacity to raise blood pressure and heart rate during the competition.

The championship consists of three stages, with participants needing to accumulate a specific number of points in each level to progress. Each discipline is scored between 5 and 10 points, with a combination of public votes and a panel of five judges determining the final score. Categories such as the most exquisite and complicated position, creative communication, the most active pair, artistry in the Kamasutra, and popularity among judges and viewers are also part of the competition.

The European Sex Championship embraces diversity and welcomes competitors of any gender or sexual orientation. The organizers highlight the potential strategic value of sexual orientation in this sport, hoping that other European nations may adopt it in the future. The president of the Swedish Federation of Sex, Dragan Bratych, emphasizes the importance of sexual engagement for physical and mental well-being, stating that training is crucial to achieving desired results in this domain.

In this unique sport, success is measured by the ability to provide immense pleasure to one’s partner, rather than winning over opponents. The focus is on ensuring mutual happiness and satisfaction. Dragan Bratych explains that the more pleasure one’s partner experiences, the more points they earn, making this sport distinct from traditional sports that may demoralize rivals.

The Swedish Sex Federation describes sex as a challenging activity that requires inventiveness, emotional intelligence, physical health, and stamina. They acknowledge that competition regulations may evolve over time to adapt to new developments and demands in this emerging sport. By recognizing sex as a sport, Sweden aims to promote the idea that sexual engagement can contribute to overall well-being and should be approached with dedication and training similar to any other athletic endeavor.

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