Simon Ekpa Declares Himself Prime Minister Of Biafra Government, Appoints Ministers

Biafra Agitator Simon Ekpa, has described himself as the Prime Minister of the Biafra Republic Government in Exile (BRGIE).

Ekpa, in a letter to the United Nations General Assembly, dated April 13, 2023, which he personally signed, urged the global community to recognise Biafra Republic Government in Exile, which he said was established to undertake the political and administrative governance of the ‘Biafra nation’ from outside of ‘Biafra’ territory.

He also appealed to the UN to prevail on the government of Nigeria to unconditionally release Nnamdi Kanu and all ‘Biafrans’ held captive in any dungeon in Nigeria, and conduct a peaceful referendum to enable a peaceful and bloodless exit of Biafra from Nigeria.

According to the letter, Ekpa stated that the indigenous people of ‘Biafra’ set up the exile government in their determination to exit the Nigerian state, while enumerating a plethora of reasons why IPOB wants the South-East region to exit from Nigeria.

He said the Biafra Government in Exile will “undertake diplomatic and foreign relationships, arrangements and agreements, negotiations and pacts with other nations and interest organisations of the world on behalf of Biafra People”.

“They are to be accorded all diplomatic privileges as due to any government official of their respective level. Biafra people, through their government in exile are sourcing for supports from all nations of the world to assist it exit Nigeria peacefully,” he added.

According to the letter to the United Nations General Assembly, an election was conducted and “Mazi Simon Ekpa was elected as the Prime Minister together with other Biafra Government in Exile officials, namely; Head of Finance –Mazi Ogechukwu Nkere; Deputy Head of Finance –Hon Lady Azuka Charlesnwankwo; Defense Minister –Hon. Lady Azuka Charles Nwankwo; Home Land Liaison –Dr M O & Prof C. O. N; Diplomatic & Foreign Affairs –Dr Sam Agubosim. Deputy Prof Anthony Nwannebuike Nwiboko; Coastal Region Orientation Coordinator-Madam Anirejou Josephine Erewa”.

Others are Group Secretary –Victor Adim/ Dr Ruby Nnadi; Dept. Of Planning & Strategy –Paul Adinam; Information/ Media & Communication –Dr. Florence Agie & Mazi Ralph Chiamaka Ajere; Secretary to World Igbo Union –Madam May Ndirika; Military –Prof Anthony Nwannebuike Nwiboko/Mazi Solomon Nkwocha; Ministry of Health –Dr Ngozi Orabueze, Dr Offorma, Dr Sam and Dr Mora; Education –Dr Ruby Nnadi; Oil & Gas –Dr Ngozi Orabueze & Emma Maduabu; Pharmacy & Laboratory Science, Board of Nursing –Dr Benedict / Dr Florence Agie and Transport & Logistics –Amobi Eneh.

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