Rt. Hon Ijoma Ogbonnaya Chinedu taste in human infrastructural development

 Rt. Hon Ijoma Ogbonnaya Chinedu taste in human infrastructural development

Rt. Hon Ijoma Ogbonnaya Chinedu is one person who doesn’t hide opportunities from people and he does not give to command loyalty.

As a humane leader who has tasted the bitter part of Life and has gone through the needle mouth to succeed, he wishes no other person will go through the same process to success.

Rt. Hon Ijoma Ogbonnaya Chinedu is detribalized in all ramifications, He is one person that does not play politics with a sentiment. He believes that humanity is one and there’s no need for class and that’s why he doesn’t select people rather he gives them all the opportunity to shine to this extent.

He places preference on skillfulness and competency as those he works with closely are not from his kindred because he believes competency before clan sentiment if such exists in his mind.

Ned is an honest person and that uncommon feature has endeared people to him, his word is his bond. He never breaks a promise. 

As a young man, it’s hard to find a diligent person in politics and a near honest one also. He is selfless, committed to the Services of the people and cares about humanity, and doesn’t act on hearsay. 

However, one of the factors that differentiate Rt. Hon Ijoma Ogbonnaya Chinedu he is dogged and unwavering in championing a course for his people, he holds a high premium on telling the truth and he is the ideal character to build bridges and unite the PDP Arochukwu LGA Chapter as one who doesn’t take sides. 

Indeed, The confidence reposed in Rt. Hon Ijoma Ogbonnaya Chinedu will yield fruits in the General election if elected to represent the People of Arochukwu in the State House of Assembly, let’s think of who can win the election and deliver on his promises. Let’s think Ned, let’s save and change the future of our leadership narrative now.

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