Reasons Why Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa Couldn’t Get The Ticket


Arochukwu Blog was on Monday 30th, May 2022 noted some factors that hindered Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa from getting the PDP Presidential Ticket, truth be told, Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa possessed all the needed requirements to transform Nigeria to a better place to stay, We  watched and noted his points at channel Television on Monday with Shehu Sani from Southern Kadunna, both of them lost in the party Primaries. Mazi Sam noted that his inability to get the party ticket followed his inability to offer dollars to delegates.

He was asked how he feels with the number of votes he got, he replied and said that it was a huge Shock to him, he disclosed that during his campaign and meetings with delegates, they all  assured him of their vote, pledging their unalloyed support to help him clinch the party ticket, he further stated that the delegates promised to give a mark on their ballots paper, which will help Mazi Sam know that these are the ones that voted him in, but it came as a shock to him, when they announced that he got one vote.

He also, noted that even the delegates from Abia state  disappointed him because they were ghost delegates as he  don’t know the means of meeting with them.

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He shared experience of some aspirants buying delegates before the day and being in charge of all their activities during the election.

He said I went to a place in West to look for delegates and when I saw them they told me to meet their oga and their oga is my follow aspirant. Same was shared by Senator Shehu Sani as he said that the delegates will tell you to bring money, that if you can pay higher than what your opponent offered, they will vote you. They will tell you what your opponent gave them and expect you to bring higher amount without considering their children and the state of our country today.

He shared his story of Kadunna south being taken by bandits and Fulani agenda.

They never considered who will speak well on their behalf.

 Mazi Sam concluded during the interactive section, that the corrupt state of the country is holistic, from religion intolerance, continuous burning of houses, police stations, teachers not being paid, traders military, executives, legislature, and the judiciary not properly taken care of.

He noted that, it’s not  about leaving PDP, but knowing the problem of the masses and the possible means of putting a stop to it.

He said, Even if you received an offer you shouldn’t fail your conscience for the betterment of the future.

As for us, we commend the effort of Mazi Sam towards rescuing Nigeria but the love of money deceived the delegates.

Mazi Sam, we are proud of you.

From All Of us, Arochukwu Blog ❤️

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