Nwamara 2023: A Good Product Needs No Promotion


NWAMARA was not just a title bestowed upon DR OKUJI OBINNA OREH by the people. It was the result of God’s divine intervention in his life, when he was confirmed dead in the hospital but God gave him a second chance for a reason that made him a Divine project. The numerous humanitarian aids and charitable works has been carried out selflessly and silently by this great man of sound mind over a decade, with no political undertones.

Footprints of his many humanitarian gestures can be found in Abam, Ohafia, and Anambra State, among other places, attesting to the people’s general acceptance and admiration for him.

Dr. Obinna Okuji Oreh never imagined himself running for political office when he considered the intrinsic need to build human capital development across ethnic groups in Nigeria, put a smile on the faces of those who met him, and provide for the less privileged.


His act of selfless service to his people became a reference point, as well as an understanding that he embodies the fundamentals of quality societal service.

For the people of AROCHUKWU/OHAFIA FEDERAL CONSTITUENCY, the choice of NWAMARA has remained unshakable ever since his
Inspiration became public knowledge. And he remains undaunted, knowing fully well that his vision is in consonance with the yearnings and expectations of his constituents.

No one else comes close.

Even in his private business without occupying any political position ever, he is tested, trusted and came highly recommended by the generality of ndi Arochukwu / Ohafia !!!


Truthfully, A Good Market Needs No Promotion because afịa ọma na ele onwe ya! Let’s send him and reap the dividends together… Ka Uche Chukwu Mezue.

Repair & Restore 2023


Written by Michael Emeka Oduije
From Ihechiowa


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