My Plans For Isu Community – Oreh Discloses


Arochukwu-Ohafia 2023: Know Your Representative?
My Social Contract with ISU Community!

My ISU people desire and deserve to have the following:

a. Management and resolution of perennial boundary dispute between Isu and Utuma people in Biase LGA of Cross River state that has led to clashes resulting to loss of lives and properties.
b. Equity in number in political appointment within the LGA and the Federal Constituency.
c. Equitable distribution of Constituency resources and opportunities.
d. Addressing poor educational and health facilities.
e. Enhancing opportunities for youth and women engagement and empowerment opportunities.
f. Provision of critical social amenities and infrastructure such as access roads, bridges, power etc.
g. Effective management of erosion and Environmental Degradation

My ISU Elders, Fathers, Mothers Brothers and Sisters Vote for me and measure my effectiveness and fulfilment of My Social Contract and promise to the community on these deliverables. Vote Right! Vote APGA!! Vote Oreh Okuji Onuma!!!


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