Miss Arochukwu Creative Celebrates Birthday Promises to Represent Arochukwu Kingdom Very Well


Adamazi Okoronkwo Blessing Chiletam The winner of Miss Arochukwu Creative was on Sunday 26/09/2021 celebrated her birthday to mark another year of life and to celebrate victory of being the winner and the queen mother for the prestigious award.

It was a thing of joy and amazing moment as the queen reaffirmed her faith and vision for making Arochukwu Kingdom a better place to be during her short period in office as the Miss Arochukwu Creative.

Speaking on the event, Adamazi Okoronkwo Blessing Chiletam disclosed her heartfelt feelings towards the   maltreatment of female indigens in our society which sometimes leads them to doing 

things that is against their wish which when looked into it doesn’t really mean well for the female folks.

She therefore assured the female citizens of her support and solidarity in fighting for their rights and well being as she will be empowering some with the little she can.
Highlights of the event include,
Cutting Of Cake
Question were also thrown to the queen for possible answers.
Dancing Competition etc.
Some dignitaries who graced the occasion include,

King Nnadozie Victor (CEO Aro Okeigbo Blog)

Comr. Ikenga Justice (Director Of Transport NAAS and committee Member Aro Okeigbo Blog)
Agoha Golden U. (LFC Youth Leader Arochukwu Province/Team Aro Okeigbo Blog)

Ogbonnaya Emmanuel C (CEO Chilwood Star Dancers, Chilwood Comedy and Arochukwu most creative entertainer)

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