When a woman was under the care of a medical professional in an ambulance, he was arrested after he lifted the woman’s bra and took a photo of her breast.

A medical technician was detained after lifting a partially conscious woman.

A Delaware County emergency medical technician (EMT) is in trouble after it was claimed that he exposed a “semi-conscious” patient in the back of an ambulance and took pictures of her breasts.

Taking images of a semi-conscious woman in the back of an ambulance while she was wearing her sports bra led to Kevin Hakeem Pressley, 24, a Brookhaven Fire Co. Ambulance employee, being detained on Saturday, August 27.

Around 6:30 p.m., Pressley was one of the medical professionals entrusted with transferring the woman, who was having chest problems, from an urgent care facility in Brookhaven to Crozer Chester Medical Center. August 25, according to the police.

Pressley is accused of photographing the victim while she was in a “semi-conscious condition” and exposing her breasts while being cared for in the back of the ambulance

Indecent assault, invasion of privacy, harassment, and unruly behaviour were among the charges brought against Pressley

He was arraigned on a $100,000 bail and is currently being held at Glen Mills’ George W. Hill Correctional Facility.

According to evidence gathered by investigators, he had previously worked for other healthcare organisations. As a result, Brookhaven police are requesting that any further possible victims get in touch with them with this information.

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