Letter To Nde Arochukwu/Ohafia Stakeholders And Delegates



Our Great Leaders of PDP, unu kaa, I bring greetings to us all and it’s my wish this piece finds us in good stead?

First, I commend the efforts put in place so far in ensuring peaceful coexistence between the two local Governments.  The task ahead is difficult because the majority of us have or her candidate but I am pleading that personal interests do not supersede the interest of the good people of Arochukwu and Ohafia federal constituency. 

We owe our constituency a lot and it starts by doing that which is right and just and to have it done, ox will be gored and toes will be stepped onto but it should not deter us from doing that which is morally right and if we must get it right then we must ensure to do the following.

1. Let’s not vote for a candidate because we’re from the same compound or community, rather someone who can lead irrespective of his town.

2. Let’s not vote for a candidate because we’re from the same denomination.

3. Let’s not vote for a candidate because he promised to buy us Aba when he goes to Shoe (vise versa).

4. Let’s not vote for a candidate which will hunt the future of our children, because fathers’ mistakes live with the children.

5.  We shouldn’t forget to vote with our conscience.

I have a credible candidate who the people of Ohafia LGA have tested and trusted in his one year in office as a TC Chairman.  A man who liberated Ebem Oha Community from Satanic church, which almost the whole community ill.

A security guru, who gave a taste of it to Ohafia LGA during his short tenure as a TC Chairman, during the COVID-19 lockdown he set strong security poles at all the boundaries in Ohafia as instructed by the State Government. 

This kind of personality is rare and one which Nde Arochukwu and Ohafia wouldn’t want to lose at any slightest mistake. Now we’re clamoring for a good leader who’s Educated,  Industrious, Humble, Outspoken with a sound mind, A good teacher and father to all.  Hon Fred Eke Idika (EKWUEME OHAFIA) is fit, ready, and qualified to lead us with a new dimension for the best.

Thank you for showing capacity in voting, We promise to do our best in ensuring his victory at the polls come 2023. 

Ekwueme media unit.


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