Kalu Idika Okwara Withdraws From Abia 2023 Governoship Race



One of the main hopefuls in the Abia 2023 governorship political decision and a chieftain leader of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Kalu Idika Okwara, has declared his withdrawal from the race.

In a statement endorsed by him, on Wednesday, 27th of April, 2022, Kalu Idika Okwara said he has removed from the race refering to the non-verbal communication of the Party pecking order.


Read statement below:

Following the buildup to the 2023 electioneering activities, various friends and associates who followed my political interests began to opine that I should step in to contest for the Governorship office of our dear state, Abia.

Their opinions were premised on their conviction that I have impeccable leadership qualities and political ideologies to advance the development of Abia State.

Based on the intense pressure on me to contest the election, I began my personal consultations.


While I appreciate that there are very many eminent Sons and Daughters of Abia State that qualify to lead the State, the Abia Charter of Equity succinctly positioned Abia North as the next senatorial zone to produce the Governor of the State in this dispensation. This was a major deciding factor during my consultations.

My resolve would be to stand in for Ohafia Ofurishi, a major clan in Abia that is well known to have sacrificed so much for the Ruling PDP in Abia State. It is a known fact that the House of Representatives, The Senate, Governorship positions and even Ministerial appointments have eluded us irrespective of our vantage position of having the largest voting strength in the zone.

Furthermore, as our consultations gathered momentum, the unexpected happened. The Leadership of the PDP introduced a twist in the zoning formular by zoning the Governorship to Abia North and Central. This without doubt upsets the existing Abia Charter of equity.

This contradicting zoning formular elicited a suspicious body language of the PDP leadership. It obviously gave me a great food for thought. We wouldn’t have been contesting for mere having to. Without mixing words, it doesn’t go down well with the Abia North people, Ohafia Ofurishi, my humble self and my teaming supporters. What is true is that THIS IS AN INJUSTICE.


Consequently, while the quest to provide effective representation and good leadership remain a continium, I painfully wish to announce to my Great Team, Ohafia Ofurishi, Abia North and all well-meaning Nde Abia that I shall be stepping aside the 2023 Governorship aspiration. My present position is based on the obvious body language of the Party hierarchy.

However, His Excellency, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu remains the Leader of the Party in the State and has taken the Executive decision. I stand by the decision of the Party. As loyal Party men, we are committed to the Party supremacy; we are poised to remain calm and continue to build our great Party.

Finally, we shall be birthing a new political platform codenamed “GUZOROABIA”, an advocacy platform for good governance campaign in Abia State.

I call on Nde Abia to Join me in GUZOROABIA.


God Bless.


Former Abia PDP Gubernatorial Aspirant 2023.


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