Iroy Orji Clears Hospital Bill For Many Indigents Patients In Arochukwu

Iroy Orji Touching A Newly Born Baby

– Indigents patients held hos­tage at God Blessed Hospital  Amuvi Arochukwu over un­paid medical bills were on Sunday 20 March, 2022 freed to go home following the intervention of an  Aro philanthropist son and aspiring candidate for the post of Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency.

Patient Thanking Iroy Orji For His Kind Gesture

Mazi Iroy, who visited the hospi­tal following a report that the indigent patients were not al­lowed to go home after a twin delivery due to nonpayment of their bills promptly paid their bills and allowed them to go home unconditionally.

Iroy Orji With Family Of Newly Born Baby

Speaking to Aro Okeigbo Blog af­ter presentation of the cheque and food items to individuals and patients present at the Hospital, Mazi Iroy said that the medical inter­vention is a normal philanthropic gesture that every living being must have access to not minding your geo political zone, tribe or place of origin adding that God created every human being to help the people who are not living to the standard of living.

Mazi iroy revealed to Aro Blog that the gesture was purely a humanitarian assistance and not politically orchestrated rather it aimed at ameliorating the plight of the patients, and explained it is not ending anytime soon.

He stressed,  that the payment of the medical bills is in fulfillment of his pledged to his late father who died in the cause of poor health care facility in Nigeria and poor attendance of medical practitioner to patients due to inability to fund hospital bills. He noted that after the demise of his father, he vowed not to allow anybody die in the cause of inability to settle hospital bills.

Iroy Orji Addressing Patient 


Mazi Iroy reiterated that in the strive to curtail the rate by which people die due to poor health care facility prompted them to erect a hospital in umuahia that entertains issues of cancer.

Iroy Orji Addressing Patient  

During a vocal interaction between Dr. Okoro, a resident doctor in the hospital and Mazi Iroy, he showed appreciation to Mazi Iroy for coming at the rightful time to aid the less privileged patients in clearing their debts.

Iroy Orji Discussing With Dr. Okoro

Dr. Okoro noted that Mazi. Iroy is the first individual to clear hospital bills since the inception of the infirmary.

Iroy Orji Checking The total Bill With His Sister

The resident doctor disclosed to Mazi. Iroy that they have been facing a whole lot of issues concerning the inability of patients to clear hospital bills, which has led the management to place a directive for all patients to  deposit a certain amount of money before treatment.

Picture Of Iroy Orji And The Resident Doctor 

Mazi iroy used the medium to encourage the doctor to always put in his best in treating of patients because no one knows who will help each other tomorrow. 

God Blessed Hospital Located In Amuvi, Arochukwu

One of the beneficiaries  was overwhelmed with joy, thanking God for providing someone like Mazi iroy and prayed for God to grant him all his heart desires.

A Group Picture Containing Iroy Team And The Hospital Management Board

While interacting with Aro Okeigbo Blog, the woman noted that this is not the first time Mr. Iroy is giving her something, disclosing that she also benefited from his cash giveaway at Amaikpe square during the Ikeji period.

Iroy Orji Praying For A Sick Patient

While Mazi Iroy toured round the hospital to pray and visit patients in the hospital, he offered a free scholarship to two newly delivered babies, urging the parent to call him upon reaching the age of schooling. 

A Newly Born Baby That iroy Gave Scholarship

While leaving the hospital premises the beneficiaries prayed for Mazi Iroy; for God’s protection, guidance and to grant him all his heart desires in jesus name, Amen.


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