I Will Tell Nigerians Who Is In Also Rock If APC Fails To Give Me The Ticket – Tinubu Laments


I will sink Nigeria, I will open up who really rules Nigeria, I will tell Nigerians who gave the order to Shot at Lekki toll gate, I will make Nigerians to understand that boko Haram formal leader is still alive and somewhere in Aso-Rock.

I will open up who sent Fulani to kill worshipers at Owo last Sunday, I will make sure this election doesn’t hold if I don’t win the APC ticket. A man from Sudan can’t detect for Nigeria, his work In Aso-rock has ended, he should allow the real owners of Nigeria to decide, we paid him for his job, and it has ended.

For over one year No money has entered Nigeria’s economic account, oil money, and the rest, who’s account is the money been paid, do you think this election is a joke, he that lives in a glass house should not throw a stone.

Tinubu fires up with anger.

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