*”I am impressed, I will support the newly found political alliance and inclusion of old Isuikwuato District to the main stream”; His Royal Majesty, Eze Dr. Sir Ezo Ukandu, the Enyi na Obiangwu of Imenyi Ancient Kingdom, stated this when the PDP Deputy Governorship candidate, Bar. Okey Igwe and his entourage paid him a courtesy visit at his Imenyi Royal Palace, on Sunday, the 17th of July, 2022.

*Barr. Okey Igwe who earlier worshipped at the Evangel Methodist Church Obayi Ovim in Isuikwuato LGA, said he was at the Palace of the foremost traditional ruler to personally present himself and officially inform his Royal Majesty that he is the running mate to PDP’s Professor Eleazar Uche Ikonne in the 2023 gubernatorial election. He said,  “My father, I am here to present myself to you as your son and a son of old Isuikwuato District, knowing how hard you fought with others for the creation of Abia state and also how hard you have been fighting against the political exclusion of people of old Isuikwuato District; having been relegated to a minority group in Abia North”. 


* The PDP Deputy Governorship candidate decried the current political reality where nobody from old Isuikwuato District has emerged as either the Chief of staff to Governor or Attorney General or Secretary to State Government or even Head of service. He maintained that it is only proper and just to isolate the political predicament of the people of old Isuikwuato District from old Bende in Abia North. He said, “We must cease this political opportunity afforded us by this alliance between Umunneato ngwa and old Isuikwuato District to make a bold statement in the political equation of Abia State. We are not old Bende and our political demand is to be allowed to mainstream”. 

*Barr. Okey Igwe called for deep understanding of the peculiarity of old Isuikwuato District in the creation of Abia state as an integral constituting part with old Aba Senatorial zone and old umuahia Senatorial zone. He asserted that the best route to achieving the dreams of the founding fathers of Abia State from old Isuikwuato District will be through his emergence as Deputy Governor, which is the polical ladder to mainstream. Barr. Okey Igwe underscored the importance of building political bridges of support and coalition across the zones, as no one local government can do it alone. He explained that equity is when old Aba Senatorial zone completes their eight years (8), just like old Umuahia Senatorial zone and it gets to old Isuikwuato District. 

*In conclusion, Barr. Okey Igwe extolled the leadership qualities of Professor Eleazar Uche Ikonne and called for massive support for their ticket, he said, “My fathers, I am unequivocally stating that Professor Eleazar Uche Ikonne is the best hand to pilot the affairs of Abia from 2023, as he is the candidate with the most profound administrative acumen, competence, maturity, experience and also he deeply understands the issues. His “TIGER” economic blueprint is a testament to his readiness to put Abia on a faster lane of economy prosperity”. 

*The PDP Deputy Governorship candidate advised his people of Isuikwuato and umunneochi LGAs to rise up to the occasion and massively support the PDP, haven seen that ‘voting strength’ has severally been used against them in the pursuit of their collective political agenda. He said, “This time, we must gather our votes together to improve our bargaining power”.The former executive Council Chairman of Umunneochi and the member representing the good people of Umunneochi state Constituency in the Abia House of Assembly, revealed the dangers in narrow minded political considerations over and above the political ‘big picture’.

*In his repose, HRM Eze Dr. Sir Ezo Ukandu thanked Barr. Okey Igwe and his entourage. The visibly elated Royal Father stated his happiness in receiving the news of a son of old Isuikwuato District being given such opportunity in his life time. He said, “I am impressed with this news which is a step to achieving equity for all. I understand the importance of the office of the Deputy Governor. I know of many old Bende people from Abia North who are ready to wrestle this opportunity from old Isuikwuato District. We will not allow them to succeed”.

* The foremost traditional ruler, who is the traditional head of Isuikwuato, Umuimenyi and Uzuakoli, recollected with nostalgia, how they contributed money to start the construction of Abia State University. He said, “Myself, Chief Sab Ejiomofor and Eze Osondu contributed N2.5M each to assist in the take-off of the construction of Abia State University. Our people of old Isuikwuato District have paid their dues for the success and growth of Abia state, from creation till date but regrettably, we have been politically toyed with for a long time”. 


*The former Chairman of Abia State Council of Tradional Rulers opined that it is time the people of old Isuikwuato District started making their identity distinct in the political scheme of things. He said “Old Bende people have annexed us for their political survival and continuously confined us as a minority group, who are not deserving of any major political office in the state. I have fought for this injustice all my life. Now, I am happy”.

* HRH Eze Ezo Ukandu called on all the good people of Isuikwuato LGA to massively support Barr. Okey Igwe and his principal, “Your ticket has my blessing, I know Professor Ikonne, I have worked with him on several boards, he is a good man who has the competence and forthrightness to deliver a better Abia State”, he said.

* His Royal Highness concluded by asking that Isuikwuato LGA be priority in the scheme of things and also to take the welfare of ndi Eze more seriously, “I will beg your team to extend other important offices to Isuikwuato proper as the head of old Isuikwuato District. The plight of ndi eze should be topmost priority as the leaders of communities”, he said. 

*The Royal father concluded by affirming his support for Barr. Okey Igwe as a son of old Isuikwuato District. He asked a senior member of his cabinet to pray for his success.

*The PDP Deputy governorship candidate was accompanied by the PDP candidate for Isuikwuato/Umunneochi Federal House, Barr. Mrs. Loveth Ofoegbu; Director of special duty UcheNdi Abia campaign organisation, Hon. Emeka Ikwuagwu; the Umunneochi LG coordinator of UcheNdiAbia campaign, Hon. Maduike; Umunneochi and Isuikwuato LGA’s PDP party Chairmen; and many other dignitaries. 

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