I Better Train A Goat Than To Train A Woman In School – Nigerian Man

 In his letter, he said, “Instead of spending your money on educating a girl in school, use that money to buy a goat and raise it. In less than two years, it will provide multiple earnings for you. It is much better to educate a dog than a girl in school.

The worst thing a man would ever do is train a girl companion in school, I’ll repeat it again. especially if he is not more educated than she is.

Girls are trained by Na Mumu for school. If you do, something bigger than the moon is waiting for you. Trust me, E dey always surprises the mumu guy.

(Training a daughter, sister, or wife is acceptable since because…

We’ll only come to terms with the fact that we were never impoverished or broke in the end. We were only kids. They should be able to tell a man with ambition even from our walking step. Eastern Times

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