How To Become An Insurance Agent?


Pursuing a career in the insurance industry can be the ideal opportunity for younger and more experienced professionals. Based on the field of accentuation, it’s an area that can adapt programs that cater to a variety of interesting clients. The requirements for becoming an insurance agent vary from State to State; they can be accomplished much quicker than other occupations requiring the issuance of a license. Read on to learn more about how you can be an insurance broker. Let’s begin!

What is an insurance broker?

Insurance agents are a salesperson that sells insurance products. They are licensed and regulated by the State where they reside and, if licensed, are appointed by an insurance company to provide products to customers. Agents are responsible for developing strategies to promote and increase the value of different kinds of insurance, evaluating the needs of a company or an individual, recommending insurance policies that conform to their standards, and establishing connections to build a solid base of clients. They play a crucial role in ensuring that the client’s family is protected from financial mishaps at a later time.

Most agents are employed in one specific type of insurance, such as property, health, casualty, disability, etc. Many insurance agents increase their income by offering financial plans to clients contemplating retirement or creating their retirement or venture plans. There are two types of insurance brokers: captive and independent. Independent agents are usually chosen by a small number of insurance agencies and typically offer a greater variety of insurance options when compared to captive insurance agents. Captive insurance agents work exclusively with one insurance firm and only sell products the insurance office offers.

How can I be an insurance agent?

When selling policies for insurance is something you enjoy and are interested in, you should have considered how you become a broker. If you believe you’re qualified enough to venture into this world of sales for insurance, you should read the following article. See the steps below to discover how to become an insurance broker or agent.


Earn a bachelor’s degree

While a graduation certificate from a high school is the only requirement for becoming an insurance broker, firms are usually more open to those with at least an undergraduate level. People who want to become insurance brokers should look at finance, business, or economics courses to become more persuasive in selling insurance products as a service. It is also possible to study marketing or psychology to become more adept at developing insurance offerings and selling insurance products. Certain colleges and universities offer risk management or insurance classes that instruct students on different insurance theories, including security analysis and important aspects of risk management. If you’re pursuing a major in insurance and risk management or a business major and are taking courses in risk management, it’s a good idea for you if you’re looking to be an underwriter.

Select the kind of insurance agent you would like to be.

There are two types that insurance brokers can offer. Before starting your business as an insurance agent, you’ll need to decide which kind of insurance broker you would like to be. Two types of agents in the insurance industry are independent and captive.

  • Agents for captive insurance: If you are discussing captive insurance agents, it is important to know that they work only with one firm. The company is generally large and well-known and provides insurance to citizens nationwide. Additionally, it provides training to agents to ensure that they prove valuable for the business. In exchange, the agent will only market the products of the company. Most insurance brokers who work as captives accept a non-compete contract that restricts agents to one firm for a specific time. Commission rates could also be very low based on the insurance company’s support for marketing provided to the agent.
  • Insurance broker independent: The term “insurance broker ” is another term used to refer to the term “independent insurance agent. This agent works with more than one insurance firm and can provide insurance quotes from several firms to their clients. This way, they can find the most suitable policies and costs. In addition, independent agents have greater flexibility concerning their working space and the products they can offer. But, despite this, they don’t receive enough support and training from the organization they work for compared with a captive agent. Instead of being dependent on market support, agents must establish themselves, making the path toward becoming independent agents challenging.

Find out what insurance products you’ll be selling.

Insurance policies are personal as well as commercial. After you figure out the kind of insurance broker you wish to become, you must determine the insurance policies you’ll offer. Insurance policies for personal use protect families and individuals, including auto, home, and life insurance. In contrast, commercial insurance agents provide insurance to various companies and companies. Their coverage varies from General liability insurance and property insurance to omissions coverage.

Check the licensing requirements of your State.

Before beginning the process of becoming licensed, you need to know the items you will be selling to ensure that you receive the right license under the product. What you can call the types of licenses you choose to obtain vary from state to state. The two most commonly used types of licenses include:

  • Licenses for Property and Casualty are to agents interested in helping clients who require automobile, home, and business insurance.
  • Health, life, and accident licenses for agents who provide services to people who require life-related events, like life insurance, accidents, and health insurance.

If you decide to go to work as an insurance agent, you’ll require an insurance license (or perhaps multiple licenses) for the job you want to do. You can find all the information you need to get the license from your state licensing department or from the organization that you will be representing. When discussing getting a license, one concern is why insurance agents require licenses. The answer is that they need to be licensed to conduct their sales and discuss insurance products. Also, remember that there are specific prerequisites to obtaining an insurance license. Each State has its licensing requirements, and it is crucial to get a valid license. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay legal fees and fines.

Pass an insurance licensing test

Pre-licensing classes are required to fulfill the requirements for taking an insurance license test. The exams can be completed on the internet or in person. Along with a single-day course for 20-40 hours of online training, the requirements for obtaining the license differ from State to State. After you’ve met all the requirements of the State you reside in, you’ll have to determine a specific time for the official exam. Most often, it’s an international company that ends as the exam’s examiner. For the date and timing of the test, you will need to log onto the internet to complete the test. In addition, you might be asked to show proof of having completed the training course before taking the test.

The most common question is what you can anticipate during your insurance license test. If you’ve passed the pre-exam and have been well-prepared for the exam, you should not face any difficulties. You’ll need to visit your exam center and be seated at an examination computer. The exam format is multiple-choice questions. You’ll immediately know whether you’ve passed or failed when you have completed the test. If you fail, it is possible to reschedule the exam at any time you’d like to.


The typical test will have between 80 to 160 questions on the exam (note that the quantity of questions varies between states). Certain states require you to complete four tests, and some need two. Exams for insurance across all states adhere to the guidelines below:

  • Proctored test – This test will be taken in a reputable testing facility with a certified proctor overseeing the test.
  • Timed – Typically, you will get two hours for each test
  • Multiple-choice tests – These tests offer you a question with four options to choose from
  • Closed-book: You are not allowed to bring any study materials to the test center.

Submit your license application and background test

After passing the state insurance exam, you must submit all the necessary documents to the State licensing agency. It is simple to fill out the application online. Be aware that these applications carry fees that are usually between $30 and $200. Some states perform background checks, which might require fingerprints, and it is common to have an amount of $30 to do this. If you have concerns, visit the license page of your State. You’ll legally talk about selling an insurance policy once licensed.

Be appointed by an insurance company to market products.


To have the authority and power to market a company’s insurance product, you must first get appointed by the company. To do this, you have to complete an application form for each insurance company you wish to sell insurance products to and then receive an appointment as well as restricted power. This will be registered on the state insurance license.

Maintain and find clients

After obtaining an official license to practice, you may be thinking about the next step. Naturally, you’ll be looking to work with customers. Many agents begin by creating insurance policies and attempting to market insurance to family and friends. This allows them to grasp the process and become confident in their new role. The idea of promoting your company from this point on is an excellent idea. Additionally, you may become a member of your chamber of commerce in your area, develop your own website, promote your business via online channels, or seek the best local marketing options. Most choices are easily accessible, and many require trial and error before you discover what is most effective for your needs.

Guard your company


As a brand-new insurance agent, You should be sure that the company you represent is insured by commercial insurance. There are various types of insurance coverages to take into consideration:

  • General insurance for liability
  • Errors and mistakes
  • Workers receive remuneration

What is the time frame before you can become an insurance broker?

Have you ever considered the time someone takes to qualify as an insurance broker? It only takes a few weeks for most individuals who want to work as an insurer. If you choose to enroll in an online class for which you must study for a certain amount of time, the ability to finish it will determine your license time. Additionally, you may need to wait an entire week or two before the license is granted. This is usually after you’ve passed the required tests and your background check has been completed. Because there are a variety of steps involved in getting an insurance license, we will break this down into various sections:

  • To obtain your insurance certificate, 3 to 6 weeks
  • Find an insurance agent job 2 or more weeks
  • Get your FINRA license (optional) 4 to eight weeks

These numbers are only an estimate. It may take more time to obtain your insurance certificate. Additionally, it can need longer than two weeks to locate a job that is suitable for you. It would be best if you allowed yourself sufficient time to think about your best option.

What is the take to being an insurance broker?

It is crucial to understand the costs involved in being an insurance broker. Be aware that each State has regulations and rules concerning applying for a license. In exchange for a fee that ranges from $300 to $200, it is possible to fill out the application on the internet too. It is important to ensure you’ve read every step-by-step specific to your State. This is because certain states require you to complete the application before taking the exam, while some require you to complete it after the exam. Background checks are conducted by all states when they examine your application. In addition, certain states may even require fingerprints for the background investigation. Most of the time, it’s an external party that performs the background check and charges the cost of about $30.


The cost of this license will vary between states. Check out the license page of your State to find out the regulations that apply to the State you reside in. Here here is an example cost of a particular state:

  • Pre-license education (Life & Health License) $330
  • Pre-license education (Property and Casualty License) – $330
  • Cost of Insurance Examination (Life and Health License) – $62 per attempt
  • The Insurance Exam Cost (Property and Casualty License) is $62 for each attempt
  • Fingerprinting Fees – $31
  • Cost of License Applications (All lines) $100
  • Grand Total of 915 dollars

The business that employs you will also pay you the money. Make sure you inquire about this before applying for employment.

The requirements for becoming an insurance agent

There aren’t many requirements for becoming an insurance professional compared to other occupations. Other than being aware that you must be licensed and have a valid insurance policy, you must also possess a clean and reputable background with excellent communication abilities as you’ll have to deal with people of all kinds and the motivation and capability to continue to learn.

Additionally, to become an insurance broker, you’ll require a High school diploma or GED and an insurance license issued by your State. You have to pass the exam to become a licensed agent that you will take. Be aware that the specifics of the exam differ between states. You’ll require authorization for each kind of insurance that you sell. This means you’ll need to obtain multiple licenses to offer a variety of insurance. For instance, if you plan to sell life and health insurance, you’ll need two licenses.


It is not necessary to have the degree of a bachelor’s to get an insurance license or sell insurance. But, different businesses have distinct requirements for the type of work. In some instances, people with a bachelor’s level are preferable. If you’re planning to launch your own insurance company, It is a great idea to have some experience running an enterprise. A degree in finance or business might assist.

How difficult can it be to get an insurance broker?

It’s not that hard to get a job as an insurance agent, especially compared to other finance-related jobs. Its difficulty can determine by the necessity of a bachelor’s degree. It is not necessary to become an insurance professional. You only need a High School diploma, and you must attend the licensing course in certain states and pass an examination. In reality, the exams are so simple that even fifth-grade students can pass these tests.

Are insurance agents able to make cash?

The answer to this question is yes. Insurance agents earn decent money and have a great potential for earning starting out, which increases when they get experience. This makes it an excellent choice for a second job, particularly for those in the younger generation.

What is the average salary an insurance agent earns?

The median pay of an agent working in insurance United States is $79,965 annually, ranging from $17,000 to $188,000 per year. It is important to note that salaries vary based on your occupation and the location that you reside in. The salary of an insurance agent is usually comprised of a base wage along with commissions or bonuses. Independent insurance agents are typically only paid commissions and bonuses, while captive agents receive generally provided a base salary and lesser bonuses or commissions.


Compensation of insurance agents according to State

It is important to remember that the compensation of insurance agents differs between states. Here’s the list of the top 10 states that have the highest average salary of insurance professionals:

Minnesota 91,199 dollars per annum

Maine $93,024 in a year


Alaska 92,514 dollars per annum

Kansas 93,000 – 235 dollars per annum

Vermont 93,371 dollars per annum

North Dakota $93,719 per year


Nebraska $94,002 for the year

Utah 94,369 dollars per annum

Iowa 95,000 dollars per annum

South Dakota $97,188 per year


Advantages of being an agent for insurance

Being an insurance agent is a position that is ideal for everyone, regardless of how old you are. For younger people, this is an excellent method to increase their networks and work from a flexible place. Those who are older can tap into the networks they already have to increase the amount of money they save. Here are a few benefits that come with becoming an insurance broker:

  • Potentially unlimited earnings In many firms, your salary includes the commission you earn on your sales. So the more products you market, the more you make. All it depends on is the intensity of your work!
  • There aren’t any requirements. The only thing you need is a license as well as a high school diploma to be an insurance agent.
  • Flexibility insurance agents can use a flexible timetable. They do not have to follow a 9-5 schedule.
  • Leverage – You can use other people’s work as well as your own, especially if you intend to run an insurance business in the future. If there is a sales strategy that you think your staff likes and you want to scale the method as many times as you’d like!
  • Networking You can meet influential individuals and increase your network if you are an insurance broker.
  • Helping others Being an insurance professional is enjoyable as you aid many people. As an insurance agent, you can have an impact on the lives of people and will also offer them a sense of security.

These are only a handful of the advantages of working as an insurance agent. If you remain in the job for a lengthy period and you are a long-term employee, you’ll be able to reap more advantages.

The disadvantages of being an insurance broker

Here are some of the pros and cons of becoming an insurance agent

Create a client base. It isn’t easy to locate customers and grow your client base. There are many kinds of people that you’ll encounter. It is necessary to call unsuccessfully and build a presence on the internet, travel, meet people, and perform various other tasks to find potential customers. Even after all that laborious work, there’s no guarantee that the client will buy through you. Additionally, building a loyal customer base can take a lot of time and effort, and you could be required to work longer than usual hours. Additionally, you may be required to work on weekends to make time for meetings with prospective clients.


Pressure and stress to sell regardless of the firm you work for; there’s plenty of pressure and stress to be successful in the case of an insurance agent. The inability to reach the sales goal could negatively impact your commissions, and you could earn less. Additionally, the insurance industry is extremely competitive and tough. It is essential to ensure that you’ve got an advantage over others to be successful. If you’re unable to deal with the stress, this may not be the ideal job for you.

Stay up to date with the latest regulations. There are rules and regulations imposed by the federal government and Insurance regulators, and it is crucial to adhere to those guidelines. However, these rules change frequently, and it could be hard to remain current, particularly if you’re not prepared. You must be in the know to impress clients and ensure they keep taking the quality of your services. Stay current with all insurance-related news to ensure you don’t get overloaded when rules alter.


After reading this article, you’ve learned the steps to becoming an insurance professional. Being an insurance agent can be extremely rewarding, and there is an excellent chance for you to succeed and advance in this area. All you have to do is put in the effort, and you’ll earn money quickly. But, before jumping into this area, be sure you do your investigation to find out the most effective method for you. Then, you can make a smart decision based on that!


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