How Mazi Nnadozie Udensi Emerged Winner Of Nzuko Aro General Election


Mazi Dozie Udensi (PG Elect Nzuko Aro)

Following the scheduled Nzuko Aro General Election slated to hold on April 16th, 2022 to enable the Nzuko Aro Mens Wing Worldwide to elect their various executives for the organization positions.

Mazi Nnadozie Udensi  has won his opponent Mazi Kingsley Okoro Kanu at the end of today’s poll.

The election result has left some in doubt while others are jubilating while congratulating Mazi Nnadozie Udensi.

Mazi Kingsley Okoro Kanu is a native of Amannagwu Village from the Okwara Agwu Kindred while Mazi Nnadozie Udensi  is from Atani village of Okennachi Kindred.

After due consultation and scrutinization the above mentioned candidates were shortlisted and seen qualified to contest for the post of President General Nzuko Aro Mens Wing Election as luck has found Mazi Dozie.

We send our hearty congratulations ❤️.

4 thoughts on “How Mazi Nnadozie Udensi Emerged Winner Of Nzuko Aro General Election”

  1. *My Take on *the* *Manipulated* *Elections*

    I have waited for the official position of Team Kingmoore on the manipulated Elections and I am still waiting and will support any decision(s) by the group leadership.

    Personally I rejected the outcome, considering that Kingmoore won in the first count with 97 plus about 15 uncounted votes of the total 189 accredited voters before Mazi Ivii deliberately scuttled that first poll, allowing time to pass and for some of Kingmoore supporters to leave the venue and Omeziribe uncredited footsoldiers came in to replace them.

    I want it be on record of Umuaro that Mazi Ivii has consistently proved he cannot be a fair umpire and has always dare whoever in his "Show of Power and influence" over Arochukwu kingdom issues.

    In 26th March 2016, Mazi Ivii was submitting delegates lists, even when the time has lapsed, that Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, then chairman of Elections team has to rebuke him and he challenged his then chairman back. That was the reason Alex Ikwuagwu complained about shifting the goal post at the middle of the game.

    I am proud of Team Kingmoore despite any perceived lapses or inability to safeguard our majority and/or insist on our initial victory.

    Should we opt to challenge the manipulations of the polls by Mazi Ivii and co. You guys can count on me.


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