History: Ikpeazu Promises To Gift Pregnant Women #500 Upon Delivery


Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State says women who give birth in government health installations in the southeast state will get N500 and a delivery pack. According to him, the move came important since access to quality healthcare isn’t cheap. “ Abia State has reconciled into the introductory health insurance for pregnant women. Still, you get N500,” the governor told Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily on Wednesday, If you put to bed in any of our primary healthcare centres. “ Delivery is free; they give you a delivery pack and they give N500 which is running for the vulnerable members of the society.” The governor, who further defended the move, said it’s targeted at vulnerable and poor people and that the delivery pack contains particulars demanded to take care of invigorated babies. “ But if you want a certain position of medicare, you should be suitable to pay,” Ikpeazu noted, adding “ Are you asking a poor woman what she’ll do with N500? Some people do n’t have it.” While the plutocrat may be seen as little, the governor maintained that “ at least it’ll pay their way back home.” Governor Ikpeazu, who also spoke about the remitment of hires to resident croakers in the state, noted that his government is doing its stylish to ameliorate healthcare. Still, the way to go isn’t to stay at home or to take down cases that come to those hospitals to your private clinic,” Ikpeazu stated but conceded that people earn their stipend, “ If you’re running a sanitarium and you want to get paid. “ The way to go is for you to work. The government will do two effects not only paying hires because paying you without outfit will amount to not giving the people optimum service. So, I said I was going to give outfit.”

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