Hidden Truth About Senator Mao Arukwe Ohuabunwa

By: Dr.Isaac Nkole.


 This article is a conglomeration of who Sen. Mao Ohuabunwa is as an intelligent, visionary / radical politician, his bills and motions as a senator, his all-round development strides or achievements especially to his people in Abia North Senatorial District during his time as a senator in the 8th Assembly of the Nigerian Senate.


Few aspects of public life are scrutinized and debated as intensely as leadership. It is crucial to the welfare of nations, the survival of political parties, and public corporations. And, as this volume demonstrates, political leadership is both a complex and elusive quality. A very distinguished quality in the society. 

It is on record that an effective leader is someone who knows “when to lead, when to follow, and when to get out of the way” (the phrase is attributed to the American revolutionary Thomas Paine). In this view, effective leaders do much more than give orders. They create a shared vision for the future and viable strategic plans for the present. They negotiate ways to achieve what is needed while also listening to what is wanted. They incorporate individuals and groups into processes of making decisions and enacting policies for the benefit of all. In the view of a former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, “A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.” This is where Distinguished Sen. Dr. Mao Arukwe Ohuabunwa comes in. An effective leader who has and will always put smiles in the faces of his people before anything. It is proven  that in Abia North Senatorial District, Sen. Mao  Ohuabunwa have strived  in Strategic Wealth creation projects and provision of jobs for the people; Meaningful peace building platforms aimed at political and social harmony; Agricultural reforms and accelerated industrialization; Relevant Health and Education policies, etc.


Mao Arukwe Ohuabunwa was born in Port Harcourt, Rivers State on 24 May 1957 to parents who were business people at Atani a town in Arochukwu local government area of Abia State. He attended Orevo State School where he completed his primary education and Enitona High School, Borokiri where he completed his senior school education. He went on to obtain an HND and B.Tech in Applied Biology and Microbiology respectively from Rivers State University of Science and Technology. He also went on to attend Enugu State University of Science and Technology where he obtained his PGD and M.Sc certificates in Public Administration and Human Resources Management respectively.

In 1998, having made a huge success in his business over the years he then ventured into politics, Senator Mao ran for a seat in the Nigerian Federal House of Representatives under the umbrella of the United Nigeria Congress Party and won, before the process was truncated. (Wikipedia, 2022)

He became the first person to represent both Arochukwu/Ohafia constituencies when he yet again contested and won in the 1999 elections this time under the umbrella of the People’s Democratic Party and was subsequently elected the Deputy Leader of the House of Representatives. He went on to contest for a seat to represent Abia North in the Nigeria Senate in the 2007 general elections under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and lost, but undeterred he went ahead and contested in the 2015 general election which he won and also won March 6, 2016 re-run after the Appeal Court annulled his earlier victory. (Wikipedia, 2022)

Mao was defeated in the 2019 Nigerian General Elections, losing the seat to Chief Orji Uzor Kalu. He wasn’t discouraged as he had a burning desire to save his people of Abia North from their present predicament. He is currently contesting for a seat to represent Abia North senatorial district during the Nigeria General Election next year. 


Senator Moa has led an exemplary leadership that only him can match during his time in the 8th Senate Assembly of The Federal Republic of Nigeria. He has made bills and motions that ordinary Nigerians have benefited from, all over the country. He has not failed in infrastructural development all over Abia North and has an endless list of empowerment programs that ordinary citizens of more than 500 people in his senatorial district benefited from. Out of his love for his people, he created jobs and did put his people in government positions in the local government level, state government level and even in federal level.   Abia north will continue to be proud of Senator Mao Ohuabunwa and his developmental strides within his three years at the red Chambers of the National Assembly and continue to believe he will be there next year to continue with his exemplary leadership. 

Below are the verifiable and accessible giant strides of the erudite parliamentarian:



 Reconstruction of Arochukwu-Ohafia road, (ongoing).

Rural electrification/ installation of transformer at Ndi Agwu Abam.

Construction of a primary healthcare center at Ndi Oji Abam.

Water borehole at Ndi Oji Abam.

Bio resource Lab at Obiene, Ututu.

Rural electrification project to boost power at Barracks and Ndite, Arochukwu.

Solar streets light at Atani Arochukwu.

Rehabilitation of a primary healthcare center at Atani Arochukwu.

Provision of Borehole at Ndiokpo, Ihechiowa.

Ongoing construction of Amuvi- Uburu-Ihie road.

Construction of a 5 classrooms block at Ututu.

Ongoing construction of a primary healthcare center at Ugwuakuma, Arochukwu.

Construction of a water borehole at Ugwuakuma, Arochukwu.

Renovation of Ugwuakuma central school, Ugwuakuma, Arochukwu.

Reconstruction of Arochukwu townships roads.

Construction of a primary healthcare center at Uburu-Ihie, Ihechiowa.

Construction of Omenuko Bridge, Ozu Abam.

Provision of a modern convenience center at civic center, Arochukwu.

Construction of a water borehole at Amaeke, Ututu.

Provision of water borehole at slaughter, church of Christ and Ahiankwo all in Obinkita, Arochukwu.

Arochukwu water scheme project.


Construction of Amaediaba Nkpa ukwa & Agbaiyi internal Roads Nkpa Bende

Construction/Renovation of primary Health care Centre Igbere Bende.

Construction of a primary healthcare center at Lodu Imenyi.

Rural electrification to boost power supply at Okoko Item.

Construction of a 5 classrooms block at Akanu Item.

Rural electrification project and Transformer to boost power supply at Okagwe Item.

Provision of Power Transformers at Ime, Item.

Provision of power Transformers at Elughamba.

Ongoing construction of Ugwueke- Item road.

Ongoing construction of Itumbauzo road.

Construction of 3 classrooms block at Okopedi, Itumbauzo.

 Rural electrification project to boost power supply at Ndiuwa Ubibia.

Provision of a modern Public convenience at Bende town market, Bende.

Installation of Solar Street Lights at Ozu-Item.

Provision of two water Boreholes at Alayi.

Provision of two water Boreholes at Ozuakoli.


Renovation of a Primary healthcare center at Amiyi-uhu, Oguduasa.

Construction of a Primary healthcare centers at Umunnekwu Agbo.

 Construction of a primary healthcare centers & Staff quarters at Amiyi Obinohia.

 Rural electrification at Ezera Ozara, Umunnekwu.

Construction of a modern public Convinnence center at Ahaba Imenyi.

Provision of hospital equipment worth over 50 million naira at Uturu.

Installation of solar street lights at Uturu.

Medical outreach at Amiyi-uhu.

Donation of power Generator sets to Amiyi-uhu primary healthcare center


 Rural electrification project to boost power supply at Amaekpu Ohafia.

 Modern public convenience at Ebem motor park.

 Modern public convenience at Elughu Nkporo.

Provision of Hospital equipment at Amamba and Amaogudu, Abiriba.

 Renovation of 9 classrooms blocks at Eluama Nkporo.

Primary healthcare revitalization at Eluama Nkporo.

Ongoing construction of Arochukwu- Ohafia road. 

Construction of classroom blocks at Okon-aku, Ohafia.

Ongoing Construction of Omenuko bridge to serve Arochukwu and Ohafia.

 Provision of solar street lights at Abiriba, from Okpuachi to Orieakwa square.

Elu Ohafia water scheme projects.

Donation of modern health medical Ambulance to Ohafia LGA.

 Medical outreach at Abiriba and Abia Ohafia.

Donation of a new power generating set to Elu Ohafia community for their water scheme.


Provision of modern public convenience at Lokpanta Cattle market.

Construction of Eziama water scheme, Eziama Nneato

 Construction of primary healthcare center at Eziama Nneato.

 Rural electrification at various locations in Isuochi.

Construction of Skill acquisition center at Nkwoagu Isuochi.

 Rural electrification at Lokpanta.

Provision of hospital equipment to Umunneochi primary healthcare centers.

Medical equipment donated to Eziama Agbo, Mbala, and Lokpaukwu primary healthcare centers.

 Rehabilitation of 2 healthcare centers at Nneato, Umunneochi LGA.

Rural electrification at Nkwoagu, Ezingodo, Obiagu/Lomara, Umuehihie, Amuda, Mbala, Amaeke, Umuaku, Akawa, Ubahu, Ezuama, Aroikpa, Nneato, Umuchieze, Obiulo, Lekwesi and Lokpanta.

Construction of a water Borehole at Ngodo, Umunneochi.

Construction of a water Borehole at Amuda, Umunneochi.

Installation of solar street lights at Umuchieze.



Motion on the reconstruction of Arochukwu-Ohafia road (passed).

Motion on the control of gully erosion and provision of relief materials to citizens of affected parts in Arochukwu, isuikwuato and other parts of the nation ( passed).

 Motion on the plight of Locum medical Doctors in internship training (passed).

Motion on the full implementation of transfer of Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission’s(NERC) surplus fund from yearly budget requirements, to the rural electrification fund as established by the  electricity power reform Act, 2005(passed).

 Motion on the demise of Senator Onyeka Amadi Okoroafor (passed).

 Motion on Digital switch over; the way forward after Nigeria’s failure to meet the deadline set by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for migration from Anologue to Digital Broadcasting (passed).

Motion on the outbreak of epidemic of gastroenteritis in Ohafia and other parts of Umunneochi LGA of Abia north (passed).

 Motion to address the rehabilitation of prison inmates through Agricultural programs run by the Nigerian prisons service (passed).

 Disturbing rates of Accident caused by obstruction/illegal structures on our highways (passed).

 Motion on the need for the CBN to expeditiously implements it’s intervention funding programs to qualified Nigerian Companies, Factories, Industries and Exporters (passed).

 Motion on demise of Ambassador Ojo Maduekwe(passed).

Motion on the need to revisit the issue of corporate Tax Incentives which is turning to a huge drain on the Nigerian Economy (pending).

 Motion on the urgent need to end the illicit trade in freshly minted Nigerian currency (passed).

Motion on petitions from ( nos) constituents of Abia North, against breaches affecting them( some pending, while several adopted and restorative actions taken, especially the reinstatement of the employment of Mr. Kalu Samuel and 348 other employees of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike who were unlawfully suspended from Office; and reversion of Mr. Nnochiri Anosike Igbobuike’s from ( Bende LGA) wrongfully dismissed for alleged misconduct by NDLEA. He is to be reinstated, promoted and to retire with appropriate benefits. Also presented the petition of Prof.(Eze) E. U. L. Imaga of Ebem Ohafia, who was wrongly dismissed from UNN, but now reinstated, with his benefits and to retire with the dignity and intergrity he earned in decades of dedicated service to higher education.Also Col. Ukoha retired from the Nigerian Army and Chidi Nwoha unlawfully dismissed from the Nigerian police are to be either reinstated or to receive their due benefits. Many others are still pending for favorable decisions.

 Motion on a matter of urgent public importance: the recent cross border invasion of Isu community of Abia State by Utuma community of Cross River State ( passed).

Motion on urgent matter of public concern : The Growing Proliferation of joint Police and Army Manned road blocks along the South Eastern Express roads and the Social Economic inpacts to the region (passed).

Motion on the violation of the National Youth Service Corps Act by notable Nigerians and the consolidation of the demoralization of unemployed young Nigerians, especially Youth corps members.


National center for Disease Control (NCDC)(SB.10)signed in to law.

Nigerian institute of transport Technology act (SB.11)

 National Agricultural Land Authority Act, Amendment bill (SB.12)

Nigerian institute of management Act 14 2003 (Amendment) (SB.13)(SB.18)

Presidential Transition bill 2015 (SB.19)

Commercial Agriculture credit scheme (SB.20) signed in to law.

 National council for research and Development bill 2015(SB.124)

Nigerian security and civil defence act No 6(amendment) bill 2015 (SB.132)

Federal entrepreneurship centers establishments (SB.133)

Medical and dental practitioners act (amendment) 2015(SB.136)

Constitution of the Federal republic of Nigeria (third Alteration) act 2016.

An act to amend the code of conduct Bureau Tribunal act Cap C15, LFN.

 Federal college of education (Technical), Arochukwu (Eat,etc)bill 2017 (SB.515) third reading and public hearing done.

Federal Polytechnic, Item, Abia state (Est, etc) bill, 2018 third reading and public hearing done

There are total of 500 bills sponsored in this 8th Senate and Senator Mao Ohuabunwa has 14 bills to his name, and there are 75 bills signed in to law by the president and senator Mao Ohuabunwa has three to his name


 Uche I. Uche. Bende LGA, NSCDC/ civil Defense

Okoro Francis Omenuko. Arochukwu LGA, NSCDC.

Igodo Chukwuebuka S. Arochukwu, NSCDC.

Okorie Emilia Ifeoma. ISUIKWUATO LGA, NSCDC.

Anozie Joseph. Isuikwuato, National Productivity Center.

Henry Okofor. Arochukwu LGA, BIOTEC.

MISS COSMOS (MOG) Bende LGA, Biotech.

Okoroafor. Arochukwu LGA, Surveyor, FCSC.

Peace Adigo. Umunneochi LGA, Nigeria police force.

Ngozi Ogbaji. Umunneochi LGA, Ministry of FCT.

Mary Iro Nkwa. Ohafia LGA, FIRS.

Chioma Elendu Precious. Bende LGA, Nigerian Army

.Obi Chukwuemeka. Isuikwuato LGA, Nigerian Army.

 Nnamdi Obasi Kennedy. Isuikwuato LGA, Nigerian Army.

Onuoha Prosper. Abiriba, Ohafia LGA. Nigerian Navy.

Okoro Benjamin. Ohafia LGA. Nigerian Navy.

Wisdom Nzubechi. Umunneochi LGA, Nigerian Airforce.

Dr. Nchege Chinedum. Ohafia LGA, NASS Medical Service.

Dr. Ukwa Chukwu. Arochukwu LGA, Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital Nnewi.

Chukwu Adaeze Shalom. Bende LGA, National Biotech Development Agency.

Ihejirika Chineye. Umunneochi LGA, NAFDAC.

Mrs. Uwaeme Chidirim Uchechi. Umunneochi LGA, Federal Civil Service.

Nne Ironkwa. Ohafia LGA, CBN.

Nnadozie Samuel Kalu. Arochukwu LGA, C- STEMP, Model Skill Trg Center, Bwari, Abuja

Okoro Umezurike R. Arochukwu LGA, Ditto.

Ole Obinna F. Arochukwu LGA, Ditto.

Nnenna Kalu Ume. Ohafia LGA, Ditto.

Okpara Ogonnaya. Umunneochi LGA, Ditto.

Anicho Chidiebere S. Arochukwu LGA, Ditto

Oji Munachi Chioma. Bende LGA, Ditto

Emeruwa Ijeoma Deborah. Arochukwu LGA, NSITF

Mgbo Christian Abuchi. Isuikwuato LGA, NSITF

Okereke Ezechi. Ututu, Arochukwu LGA, NSITF

Chioma Otusi. Abiriba, Ohafia LGA, NDDC Scholarship- Overseas

Njionye Udomiri Rosemary. Isuikwuato LGA, Nigerian Immigration Service

Alice Uchechi. Bende LGA, Nigerian Police Force.

Precious Onyekachi Chikezie. Federal Fire Service

Okafor Chinwe Perpetual. Umunneochi LGA, Nigerian Postal service

Sunday Emmanuel. Bende LGA, UNN, Lecturing

Chinedu Ejezie. Isuikwuato LGA, UNN, Lecturing

 Nwankwo Michael. Arochukwu, UNN, Lecturing

Agbai Mba. Nkporo, Ohafia LGA, National Assembly Service Commission, Abuja

 Ohuabunwa Daisy Ijeoma. Arochukwu LGA, Postal Comptroller 1, Nigerian Postal service

Dr. Kennedy Ochonma. Arochukwu LGA, Abia State health management Board ( ABHMB)

DR. Chukwu. Bende LGA, ABHMB.

Dr. Samuel. Arochukwu LGA, ABHMB.

Chioma Igboko. Isuikwuato LGA, ABHMB.

Anaghasim Promise Chioma. Umunneochi LGA, Nurse/ Midwife, ABHMB.

Plus 348 wrongly disengaged Staffs of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, including many Abia North indigenes being reconsidered and reinstated in to Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike through Senator Mao Ohuabunwa’ s intervention. You can check the report of Senate Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions of February 2018 for Confirmation

 3.4: List of Beneficiaries of Senator Mao Ohuabunwa’s Skills acquisition Training and Empowerment Project in partnership with Smedan for Abia North Senatorial District.


Mba Azunna Ogbonnaya, Ikwun ward. Fish Farming

Nwaole Sunday Oluchukwu, Ikwun ward. Poultry.

 Amechi Nkuma, Eleoha Ward. Fish Farming.

Emmanuel Okoro, Eleoha Ward. Poultry Farming

Joseph Nnutia, Ututu ward. Fish Farming

 Thomas Johnson Agwu, Ututu ward. Poultry Farming

 Kalu Bassey Kingsley, Isu ward. Fish Farming

 Onwuka Chibueze, Isu. Poultry Farming

Kanu Nneoma, Aro ward 1. Fish Farming

Beatrice Ijeoma, Aro ward 1. Poultry Farming

Amarachi Ogbonna, Aro ward 2. Fish Farming

Emmanuel Offor Onyekwere, Aro ward 2. Fish Farming

Erasmus Chidi Orji, Aro ward 3. Poultry Farming

Stanley Okwudiri, Aro ward 3. Fish Farming

Ejike Jonah, Ohafor Abam ward 1. Poultry Farming

Ogbu Simon, Ohafor Abam ward 1. Poultry Farming

Ada Uzoegwu, Ohafor Abam ward 2. Cocoanut oil processing

Mgbodichi Okorie, Ohafor Abam ward 2. Fish Farming

Agwu Onyinyechi, Ovukwu Abam. Poultry Farming

Grace Dominic, Ovukwu Abam. Fish Farming

Hannah Sunday, Ohaeke Abam. Poultry Farming

Comfort Kalu Agada, Ohaeke Abam. Poultry Farming

Otah Okubi Mong, Fish Farming

Chijioke Okoro Ignatius. Poultry Farming

Joseph Okoroafor. Poultry Farming

Stephen Chinwendu Omechara. Poultry Farming

Ann Moses. Poultry Farming

Okoroafor Emeagha. Poultry Farming

Lawrence Kalu Uhubi. Poultry Farming.

Chijioke Eric Kanu. Poultry Farming.


.Livinus Onyengiri, Umuelem/ Ndiawa/ Ihie/ Amorie. Poultry Farming

Monday Ohakanma, Umuelem/ Ndiawa/ Ihie/ Amorie. Poultry Farming

Ifeanyi Nlemchukwu, Ezi-Ngodo 1. Coconut oil processing

Uchenna Emenike, Ezi-Ngodo 2. Coconut oil processing

Chinonso Eze, Amuda 1. Fish Farming

Ifeanyi Chukwu A. Amuda 2. Poultry Farming

Okorie Chimaobi Eboh, Umuaku 1. Fish Farming

Obi Gloria, Umuaku 2. Poultry Farming

Eze Iroabuchi, Mbala/ Achara. Poultry Farming

Onyeachusi Chioma, Mbala) Achara. Cocoanut oil processing

Chijioke Nwimo, Eziama Agbo. Poultry Farming

Chidubem Okoroafor, Eziama Agbo. Fish Farming

Nwaogidi Josephine C. Eziama Ugwu1 poultry Farming

Ugwubujo Moses P. Eziama Ugwu 2. Fish Farming

Eze Gloria, Ubahu/ Akawa/ Arorikpa1. Poultry Farming

Ebubechukwu Ako, Ubahu/ Akawa/ Arorikpa 2. Poultry Farming

Christiana Ekwe Okoli, Lokpaukwu 1. Cassava starch processing

Sylvester Nnabu, Lokpaukwu 2. Fish Farming

 Banabas Udogu, Leru/Lekwesi 1. Cassava starch processing

Veronica Okorie, Leru/ Lekwesi 2. Cassava starch processing

Perpetual Ndu, Obinolu/ Lomara/ Obiagu 1. Poultry Farming

Charity Ekele, Obinolu/ Lomara/ Obiagu 2. Fish Farming

Joy Onwubiko, Lokpanta. Poultry Farming

Okechukwu Etoh, Lokpanta. Poultry Farming

Akabuike Maduabuchi. Poultry Farming

Ejimdu Samuel. Poultry Farming

Marize Samuel. Poultry Farmin

 Wilson Ibe Chukwuka. Poultry Farming

Okereke Uzoamaka. Fish Farming

Aham Ifeanyi. Poultry Farming.


Orji Okpan Udensi, Isiama ward. Poultry Farming

Onyike Agwu, Isiama ward. Poultry Farming

Afor Kalu, Ebem- Oha ward. Poultry Farming

Ijeoma Ndukwe Ibiam, Ebem-Oha ward. Poultry Farming

Nkechinyere Okorie, Ohafor ward. Fish Farming

Uzunma Kalu, Ohafor ward. Poultry Farming

Anoyochi Amogu, Ania Ward. Poultry Farming

Georgiana Ikpeama, Okamu ward. Poultry Farming

Comfort Uche, Okamu ward. Poultry Farming

Orji Kalu Agbara, Amaeke ward. Poultry Farming

Ngozi Nelson, Amaeke ward. Fish Farming

Nnenna Ndukwo, Amaeke ward. Fish Farming

Mkpa Queen Chizoba, Abgoji ward. Poultry Farming

Jane Merford Ojigwo, Agboji Ward. Poultry Farming

Ukwueri Sam, Amaogudu ward. Cassava starch processing

Igwe John Lekwauwa, Amaogudu ward. Poultry Farming

Igbo Onwuka N. Ndi Etiti ward. Poultry Farming

Ogechi Okorie, Ndi Etiti ward. Poultry Farming

Isaac Uka Agwu, Ndi Elu ward. Coconut oil processing

Nnenna Johnson, Ndi Elu ward. Poultry Farming

Solomon Daberechi Gift, Ndi Agbor ward. Cassava starch processing

Obasi Esther Iro, Ndi Agbor ward. Fish Farming

Chinenye Ezeigbo Kalu. Poultry Farming

Obasi Obasi Ogba. Poultry Farming

Agwu Ugochi, Ania Ward. Poultry Farming

Okocha Egwuonwu. Cocoanut oil processing

Rev. Iroha Paul Mba. Poultry Farming

Patience Kalu Ume. Poultry Farming

Ugwunwa Enianya. Poultry Farming.


 Ruth Kalu, ward 1. Poultry Farming

Eva Ijeoma Oguna, ward 1. Cassava starch processing.

 Onuoha Emeka, ward 2. Poultry Farming

Nneoma Elekwa, ward 2. Cocoanut oil processing

Chukwu Chinyere, ward 3. Cocoanut oil processing

Chinenye Isaac. Poultrymen

Comfort Onyinyechi, ward 4. Cocoanut oil processing

Dede Friday Odimuko. Fish Farming

Florence Nkpu. Fish Farming

Ejimofor Akachukwu. Poultry Farming

Nmaji Monday. Cocoanut oil processing

Nnamdi Okoro. Cassava starch processing

Ugorji Florence M. Poultry Farming

Monday Ugeno. Fish Farming

Odinaka Ejike. Fish Farming

Bethel Ibeaja. Fish Farming

Sunday Nwankwo. Fish Farming

Agustin Chukwuebuka. Cassava starch processing

Udoka Agu. Poultry Farming

Imoh Chima Alloy. Poultry Farming

Igbokwe Grace. Poultry Farming

Chidi Ubiada. Cocoanut oil processing

Chinedum Ekekwe. Cassava starch processing.


Chizara Ukandu, Bende ward. Cocoanut oil processing

Theresa Nwosu, Bende ward. Fish Farming

 Ufere Okechukwu, Umuhuezechi ward. Poultry Farming

Okoro Chioma, Umuhuezechi ward. Poultry Farming

Uche Egbuta, Ozuitem ward. Poultry Farming

Okezie Orji, Ozuitem ward. Cocoanut oil processing

Onyemaechi Sunday Okameme, Nkpa- Umuimenyi. Poultry Farming

Glory Ahamefula, Nkpa-Umuimenyi. Cocoanut oil processing

Life Peter, Itumbauzo ward. Poultry Farming

Ndidi Joel, Itumbauzo ward. Poultry Farming

Emenike Ndukwe, Uzuakoli. Fish Farming

Obioma Okoronkwo, Uzuakoli. Poultry Farming

Sopuruchi Chikezie, Alayi. Cassava starch processing

Emenike Ndukwe, Alayi. Poultry Farming

Uchenna Chukwu, Ugwueke ( Ezeukwu). Poultry Farming

Mercy O. Ogbonnaya, Ugwueke (Ezeukwu). Poultry Farming

Happiness Obioma Ogwo, Item A fish Farming

Chima Igwe Okeh, Item A Fish Farming

Favor Ezinne Eke, Item B Cocoanut oil processing

Igwe Kelechi, Item Ward B poultry Farming

Mary Eke, Item Ward C. Poultry Farming

Ifeanyi Igwe, Item Ward C. Cocoanut oil processing

Mbaonu Dick, Igbere ward A. Poultry Farming

Joseph Obike, Igbere ward A. Cocoanut oil processing

Dickson Kalu Uwakwe, Igbere ward B. Fish Farming

Ngozi Chukwuma, Igbere ward B. Poultry Farming

Chidinma Abosi. Cassava starch processing

Ifeanyi Odoemena. Fish Farming

Nkechi Emenike. Poultry Farming.


Upgrade and rehabilitation of water Projects in Atani, Amuda and Elu Ohafia ! Under Anambra / Imo river basin Authority.

Mapping of the 5 LGAs in Abia North, under office of the Surveyor general of the federation.

Arochukwu mini stadium, under Anambra/ Imo River Basin Authority. 

Bende – Ohafia – Arochukwu road section 2 , under Federal ministry of works.

Provision of transformers in Ihechiowa, Akoli, Uturu, Oror Arochukwu, Ntalakwu, Akanu Ohafia, Okamu Ohafia, Acha Isuikwuato and Abiriba, under Rural Electrification Agency.

Completion of ongoing rural electrification Projects in Atani Abam, Lokpa Umunneochi, Eluama Isuikwuato, Okagwe Item, Ndi Awa Ubibia, Ndi Agwu Abam, Ozara and Umuakwa, under Rural Electrification Agency.

Completion and equipping of Garri processing plant at Atani, Abia State, under Federal ministry of science and technology. 

Supply of empowerment materials for Youths/ women in Umunneochi LGA, under National Directorate of employment ( NDE).

Completion of Ndi Ebe Abam bridge, Abia North, under Anambra/ Imo River Basin Authority.

Completion of Atani Bridge, Abia North, under Anambra/ Imo River Basin Authority.

Construction and equipping of Oil Mill at Uburu Ihie, under Federal institute for industrial Research, Oshodi.

Construction of Atani multipurpose hall, under Nigerian institute for Building and road research.

Installation of 20.8 KWP mini grid in Umukegbe community, Obinalo Ngodo Umunneochi LGA, Abia North Senatorial District of Abia State.

Upgrade and rehabilitation of existing water scheme in Nneato, Umunneochi LGA.

Equipping of Medical Laboratory at General Hospital, Arochukwu.


Nigeria as a whole has been blessed with both mineral and human resources but have over the years lacked competent, visionary and intelligent leaders that will harmonize these resources for the actualization of this country’s advancement. In concordance to this assertion, Senator Mao Ohuabunwa stated that “the current situation is not something that should happen to a country that is blessed like Nigeria. We need a leader with a vision and intellectual capacity to move the country forward and not a leader that will take one step forward and three steps backward like we are seeing right now.” With his records, it is obvious Sen. Mao has these unique qualities and can be able to exhibit or put them to use for the all-round advancement of Abia North, Abia State and Nigeria at large.


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