God Has Not Directed Me To Leave PDP – Sam Ohuabunwa


Dear New Nigerians,  I wish to begin by thanking God for bringing us safely to the conclusion of another stage in our patriotic mission to birth a NEW NIGERIA- that will be a Globally Competitive FIRST WORLD NATION that WORKS FOR ALL.

Though we did not achieve our interim goal to be the Presidential Candidate of PDP in the forthcoming elections, most People including enlightened PDP Party members acknowledge that we brought a breadth of Fresh air to political campaigns. It is clear that the effect of money was overwhelming in the choice made by the Delegates. It was clear that the delegates could not resist the lure of 20,000 , 15000 and 10,000 dollars offered by the four leading contestants.  We were aware that money would be a factor but we had hoped it would not be the EXCLUSIVE factor.

 Let me state that I am NOT discouraged at all. I believe that we fought a good battle and achieved tangible and intangible results. Nigerians and the international community are now acutely aware of what we represent. I intend to remain active and visible for the rest of the campaign season leading to 2023 elections. For now we will remain in the PDP until the LORD directs otherwise.

Let me also confirm that the NNG movement will remain ACTIVE until our VISION is accomplished.  So it does not matter how this present struggle ends, NNG will have a PERPETUAL existence until we birth the New Nigeria of our dreams.

  I wish to thank all the foundation members of this movement, the Steering Committee , the  PAC, the Fund raising committee, the Publicity Commitee, the third force Committee and all other committees. I wish to thank all the officers of both NNG and MSO 2023 Campain team from Cordinators to Directors,  deputy directors, the D and the DDG, the chief of staff, media aides etc.

 I can not end this address with out putting on record the extraordinary sacrifice made by our diaspora members, particularly the NNG USA to support our campaign by repeatedly raising funds.Certainly the story would have been different without their love, sacrifice and consistency. 

 Ladies and gentlemen,  we just finished a page of the book, we have not come to the end of the book. The NNG VISION remains alive and relevant. And we can not stop until the Vision and mission are accomplished. May God bless all members of NNG, MSO 2023, all our supporters and all those who have contributed in one way or the other to get us to this historic point. 

But ALL GLORY, HONOUR AND ADORATION are reserved exclusively to our GREAT AND MIGHTY GOD, who ALONE brough

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