Fulani Herdsmen in Ututu: A Time For Serious Action

Iykeman Kalu a resident of  Ututu in Arochukwu Local Government was on Sunday decried the worsening security situation across the country as he went further to express concern over an outburst news in Ututu that Fulani Troops have entered the community.

In a Facebook post spied by Aro Okeigbo Blog, the concerned Ututu indigen called on all residents of Ututu Community to be more security vigilant and called the attention of security operatives to the area.


In his post he wrote,

For some days now I have been abreast with this sad development coming from the village, Ututu. Some weeks ago, reports had it that some strange people suspected to be Fulani herdsmen were brought to Ohafia and Aro in Dangote vehicles. Initially  I downplayed this report owning to the fact that Isu community, our neighbor and Ukwa  people of Cross River State people have been embroid in land communal conflict for a long time now.

 Am aware of the strange movement of people, logistics and mercenaries in that zone. According to a reliable source, these marauding Fulani terrorists herdsmen have been seen in our farms, streams and bush paths especially in Eleoha axis. There are also reports of this similar issue from our neighbors, the Ihechiowa people, even Aro people and many surrounding communities. It gets scary everyday because this people are advancing inward to our farmlands (Ulubi). Last week, they were seen at Ugwukwu, Asakpa, Agbamogo and Omumatu, our farmlands. Just this afternoon 24th July, reports has it that they are in Amaeke stream. This is serious and poses a grave danger. We know how brutal and heartless this people are towards their victims. I don’t need to remind us about their atrocious acts all over the place. Their presence in our peaceful community is a threat to all of us. There is fear now in the village. This calls for a serious concerted effort by all our people to forestall this impending disaster.

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  1. A monitoring strategy could be assembled, vigilante should be in open regular visits to the settlement. I guess these are the ones having hard time in Ohafia are pushing down words.

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