EMEFIELE: Stay Out Of Campaign Of Calumny, DSS Warns

In a recent statement, the Department of State Services (DSS) has made public its discovery of a plot by certain individuals to launch a defamatory campaign against the government.

According to the statement dated June 17, 2023, and signed by Peter Afunanya PhD, fsi, the Public Relations Officer of the organization, the DSS has identified specific individuals and groups intending to orchestrate a campaign of calumny against the Federal Government regarding the suspension and investigation of Mr. Godwin Emefiele.

The statement further emphasized that these groups plan to assemble at various locations in Abuja and Lagos in the coming week, brandishing placards that portray the Service and Government in a negative light while demanding the immediate release of Emefiele.

The DSS is fully aware of this orchestrated propaganda, aimed at undermining its morale and diverting its attention from professionally executing its assigned responsibilities. The statement also acknowledged the dissemination of misleading commentaries, speculative narratives, storylines, and videos on social media by ill-informed individuals, critics, and those driven by desperation.

The DSS expressed its concern regarding attempts to infiltrate its ranks with disloyal personnel for subversive purposes against its leadership. While recognizing these efforts as deliberate distractions, the Service sternly warns the plotters to cease their plans immediately. It further asserts that those leading the campaign are already being closely monitored and will be apprehended if necessary.

Additionally, the DSS clarified that it has granted access to Mr. Emefiele’s family, medical professionals, and authorized individuals from the day he was taken into custody, even before the court order mandated such access.

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