A transformed Arochukwu /Ohafia constituency is Possible

The beginning of a people’s transformation happens when they realize that they deserve more from their leaders and representatives. Because we actually do! 

It’s heartbreaking that the incumbent representation for Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency has made no significant impact for a vast majority of our people and we need drastic change.

Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency is the ONLY constituency in Abia State with the highest potentials for grassroot transformation, because our people are sound and open minded. We deserve even better! 

Yet, we cannot boost of any major development attracted from the Federal to our constituency for the past 16 years of representation.

This is a battle for the life’s and hopes of our people. Dr . Okuji Obinna Oreh (PhD) represents that hope 🙏 our constituency deserves and desires. Enough of money politics and electoral violence. 

Dr. Okuji Obinna Oreh ,PHD is that light of transformation which we shall embrace NOW for quality representation of the good of our people. Away from the years of negligence by those who use hoard the wealth of the people. 

They will give you money and promise you the heavens on earth, but OUR PEOPLE ARE WISER NOW!!! We are more wiser to know that COMPETENCE speaks better than any party affiliations. 

Support DR OKUJI OBINNA OREH, who with a proven track record of attested commitment to community and social development DESERVES next years chance to serve. 

Take a stand today! 

Support Dr Okuji Obinna Oreh (PhD) for House of Representatives 

for Arochukwu /Ohafia Federal Constituency.


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