Dr Law Mefor, a media consultant has revealed that peter Obi should not be take. For granted by the ruling party because his results and the evidences he has might make him win the court case against Tinubu.

Recall that peter Obi has challenged the emergence of Tinubu as the winner of the just concluded general elections on February 25th.


Mefor disclosed that for Peter Obi to say he won the presidential election, the APC should be afraid of Peter Obi’s evidences and results because they have the potential of making him come first.

His words: “Peter Obi said that he has the results and evidence that shows that he won the 2023 presidential election, for him to say that, you can’t tell the kind of evidence he has against the APC”.

“None of them should be taken for granted, Peter Obi’s evidence and results might favour him in court, you can never tell, despite he came third in the election, his evidence might prove otherwise”.


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