Cubana Chief Priest replies 19-year-old man who claimed to be his son

The famous bartender and businessman Pascal Okechukwu Chibuike, also known as Cubana Chief Priest, recently commented on the guy claiming to be his child.

A young man recently made an appearance and posted a video in which he was heard requesting that a DNA test be done while claiming to be the son of the well-known businessman Cubana Chief Priest.

According to the young man by the name Emelin, people have been telling him that he looks like the socialite.

Cubana Chief Priest responded to the video in the comments area by resharing it on his story and adding a laughing emoji.

Cubana Chief Priest replies 19-year-old man who claimed to be his son
A lot of people have been telling me I look like Cubana Chief Priest”- 19-years-young man cries out.

A 19-year-old youngster has begged billionaire and socialite Pascal Chibuike alias Cubana Chiefpriest for assistance owing to their startling resemblance

The child claims in a video that is going viral online that many people have noticed the similarities between him and the businessman.
He asked if he could be his son on social media.
He continued by saying that when his mother returned, he would question her and demand DNA.
The youngster pleaded with Cubana to adopt him as his own and spare him pain.
Speaking in pidgin, he said,
“Abeg he get wetin I want una judge for me. Anywhere I go, inside bus or Keke, people will say I look like Cubana Chief Priest. So I took off my hair and posted it on IG, so someone I don’t know came to me and said to me that I look like Cubana Chief Priest.

I am 19 years old, if my mother comes back I will ask her, so make she tell me the truth or do I look like Cubana Chief Priest?

If my mother doesn’t know, I am going to do a DNA test. If Cubana Chief Priest is my father, I will go and meet him, let’s reason together one on one.

If I am his son, make he come carry me or why is he allowing me to suffer like this?

He should come and claim me I am his son, I want to know the truth”.

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