There is no gain saying the endurance limit of the staff in ASCETA the only state owed college of Education in Abia state had long been exceeded.

One would aptly put “ Their life endurance limit had long exceeded its breaking point” as what faces them and their families is “ abandoned to die”. Many have died due to emotions and state of hopelessness.

Visibly it had become a culture in the college, the “staff work for no pay” as since 2016 till date salary payment had remained a mirage with the staff of the college owed salary arrears to the tune of 28 months! How can a man survive under this in-human state of shear-reckless abandon? Also, their general staff welfare is rated the poorest among other similar colleges of education across Nigeria as ASCETA-staff is yet among other similar institution in Nigeria to enjoy the almost facing out salary structure “CONPCASS” approved nationally for all colleges of education in Nigeria since 2011.

On the contrary, they are still subjected to the old and faced out salary structure which despite been obsolete is still latent to ASCETA staff every month. This was not unconnected with the fact that Abia state governed had routinely shy away from its lawful responsibility of releasing monthly subventions to the college? The promotion of staff had remain non-existence as the college staff since 2008  had no financial implementation to their promotions. From 2017 till date, the staff had stagnated with no promotion in sight till date. This is injustice and In-human treatment?What is the sin of the staff of this college [ASCETA] who had remained diligent and doggade in service despite working with empty stomach. Doesn’t a worker deserves his due wage?To bring this ugly trend to a terminal end, COEASU ASCETA CHAPTER had embarked on an indefinite strike together with other colleges of education nationally to press home their demands for a fair treatment and had vowed never to return back to work unless their demands are met by the state government. However, the Academic staff union COEASU pleads with Abia state government, Abia state house of assembly, concerned citizens, traditional rulers, the clergy and other relevant agencies in the state and beyond to come to their aid “as a stitch in time saves nine”.

Comrade Egesi Kelvin COEASU Chairman ASCETA CHAPTER  

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