Canada Student Visa – How To Apply

It is not uncommon for people to search the internet for ways to apply online for Canada student visa.


You must complete specific steps before getting a Canadian student Visa. These are the points we’ll be discussing in this article.

You won’t need a student visa if your studies are less than six months.

After migrating to Canada, some people intend to apply to Canada for student visas. However, this is not recommended and can cause a lot of stress. You may need to return to your country and apply for a student visa there again.


You can also renew your Canadian student visa. You can restore your student visa if it expires, but you aren’t finished with your studies.

It will speed up your study permit processing if you can be admitted to Canadian institutions. The study permit allows you to work while in Canada and can be used to apply for permanent residence.

Canadian Study Permit Application

There are many ways that students can obtain their Visas in Europe. Canada only has two methods to receive it.

  • Online application
  • Paper application

The online application process is the easiest way to apply for a student visa. It’s fast and easy!


You can find instructions for applying at Citizenship and Immigration Canada. However, if you decide to submit your paper application, it could take quite some time before your application is processed.

You must print and scan your credit/debit card documents online. Online applications will require soft copies of your documents.

How to get a Canada student visa

Below are some things you will need to get a student Visa.

Step 1. Get an acceptance letter.

Search for Canadian universities online and apply for admission. After you are admitted, you can then proceed with your application.

Step 2: Apply for Visa

This can be done by visiting

Or, you could also see the Canadian embassy in Canada. This can, however, be tedious.

Step 3: Answer biodata Questions – After you have signed up on the CIC site, you will need to answer questions about yourself. This will help you create a personalized checklist.

Step 4: Create a MyCIC account.

Mystic will create a customized checklist for you, and you can also submit your CIC applications.

Step 5: Attend the Interview. After you have submitted your visa application, you’ll be asked to attend an interview. It is here that your visa status will be determined.

How do you proceed after applying?

Once your application has been received, it is time to begin planning your trip.

Make sure your documents are easily accessible. This includes your passport and other essential documents you will need to present to immigration officers.

We wish you all the very best as your Canada student visa processing begins.


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