Breaking: Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka Escape Death


Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has made a shocking revelation regarding his former cook attempting to poison him.

Mbaka asserts that this knowledge was bestowed upon him by God through a divine vision.

The cleric made these remarks during one of his church programs, and a video capturing his statement was subsequently shared on the ministry’s Facebook page.


In his message, the fervent clergyman emphasized the power of God to unveil future events through visions, assuring his followers that they too would witness the truth.

He said, ”There was a time I had one cook; I was waiting on the Lord in the temple. I was with the Blessed Sacrament from the night till morning. I wanted to go out, but the Holy Spirit told me it was not yet time.

”It was getting to 6 pm in the evening, and I then wanted to open the Chapel; the Holy Spirit showed me a vision where my cook ran in from a meeting, where they promised him a certain amount of money they would give him if he could put something in my food. They promised him all sorts of things. The Holy Spirit revealed everything that transpired in that meeting up to the time the cook opened the gate.

The Holy Spirit brought me back to consciousness when he was about to enter the door. I woke up and shouted, ‘Jesus, where is the person I just saw now?’


“The Holy Spirit asked to hold him off before he entered the kitchen.

”The cook greeted me, ‘Father, good evening,’ unlike me, I would have hailed him back. I just stared at him. I asked him, ‘Where are you coming from?’ He muttered.

”Where are you coming from? Where have you been? What did they ask you to do? When are you starting to execute the assignment given to you? When are you going to poison me? I asked him.

Those words sent shivers down his spine. He knelt and said he was sorry and that it was the devil’s work. He said they promised to pay him only when he completed the assignment.
Then I asked my people to bring out all his belongings and sent him packing. I told him that he couldn’t kill me.”


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