Best Term Life Insurance Companies Consumer Reports

A term life insurance policy from a very early is essential. However, it isn’t easy to find the most reliable company. To help you search for life insurance, we put up a guide for top-term life insurance companies. The companies were analyzed and scored based on five fundamental models: customer satisfaction, financial quality and strategies, riders, and website openness. Continue reading this article to learn more about the top insurers for term insurance based on consumer reviews.

Who is the Best Term Life Insurance Company?

Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual is our top selection for the leading life insurance provider. The company has incredible budget-friendly quality and exceptional customer support, with few customer complaints.

Ideal for: Financial strength and reputation

Not for Flexible term lengths

best: A++

J.D. Power: 5/5

NAIC .02 (below typical complaints)


  • Excellent customer service reviews.
  • Excellent financial rating.
  • Conversion of terms with 100% acceptance.
  • Renewal guidelines exist until age 80.
  • No-exam requirements for those who are in good health.


  • The term’s length is limited to 10, 20, or 80 years.
  • There needs to be more information on the website regarding the terms and policies.

State Farm

If you’re seeking extra security for your family members, the Instant Answer term insurance offered by State Farm is an easy and minimal addition. State Farm also provides Family Life protection with explicit clauses that protect parents and children.

Best For Young Families

Not for Flexible term lengths

AM Best A++

J.D. Power: 5/5

NAIC .24 (below typical complaints)


  • It contains two guidelines that are specially designed for families with young children.
  • No exam policy is in place.
  • The website provides cheap costs for samples and premiums.
  • Excellent financial strength rating.
  • Online quote tool.
  • In 47 states.


  • There are no term restrictions in the 10–, 20, and 30-year time frames.
  • No accidental death benefit rider.
  • There is no guarantee of premiums on term-life insurance plans.


Nationwide provides various online tools and assets, making it a fantastic choice for those who purchase life insurance at the last minute. You can use the catastrophe protection number cruncher to determine the coverage you require and look through the assets section for FAQs, articles, and brochures.

Ideal for: Online tools and digital sources

Not For Customer service

AM Best: A+

J.D. Power: 4/5

NAIC .05 (below the average of complaints)


  • Fantastic online tools and references.
  • Term lengths are available in 10and 15 years,20 and 30-year time frames.
  • Term insurance policies are renewable every year up to 95.
  • Online quote tool.
  • Many riders to choose from and coverages for add-ons.


  • The majority of rules call for a medical check.
  • Premiums that are higher than average.
  • The customer service could be better.

Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha stands apart because of its outstanding customer service popularity, which can be difficult to find in the protection business. When you sign up for an agreement in Mutual of Omaha, you will be assigned an expert in your local area who will answer your questions and help determine the best method for your needs.

Best For Customer service

Not For Customizable policies

AM Best A+

J.D. Power: 4/5

NAIC .65 (below typical complaints)


  • Customer service is rated as excellent.
  • Excellent financial ratings.
  • Flexible guidelines, with guidelines that allow for 10-, 15- 20-, 30- and even 20-year limitations.
  • Information about purchasing life insurance is on the website, which can be helpful.
  • You can choose to make your policy permanent at any time.
  • Online quote tool.


  • Fewer regulations and fewer riders in comparison to other companies.
  • It’s not in the national picture.
  • Customers complain about sudden rate hikes.

New York Life

New York Life is an excellent choice for adaptable disaster protection. The firm offers a variety of options and riders that will give you more protection for the essential elements.

Best suited for Customizable policies and riders

Not for Flexible term lengths

AM Best: A+

J.D. Power: 4/5

NAIC .21 (below the average of complaints)


  • Annual convertible and levels of premium convertible policy options are available.
  • Select your choice from different riders and customize your coverage.
  • Twelve thousand agents in the nation.
  • The most up-to-date credit rating for financial strength.
  • There are few complaints from customers.


  • No online quote tool.
  • Limits on term length are only available in 20 or 10-year increments.
  • There are few resources online or assistance alternatives.

Principal Financial

Principal Financial stands apart for its flexibility in service durations. Principal Financial provides term extra security strategies with 10- 15, 15, 20, and 30-year time frames and an original one-year term that can be used for the temporary need for inclusion.

is ideal for Flexible term lengths

Not For Customizable policies

AM Best A+

J.D. Power: 4/5

NAIC .19 (below the average of complaints)


  • Flexible term limitations, with an exclusive one-year-term limit option.
  • Quick online application.
  • Convertible policy choices are available.
  • Offers survivorship insurance.
  • Maximum coverage of 50 million dollars or more.


  • A little less than an average number of riders and add-on policy present.
  • No accidental death benefit insurance.
  • No online support option.

Liberty Mutual

If you’re a healthy person and have a good quality of life, then you may meet the criteria for a no-test policy with Liberty Mutual. Policyholders can change their existing strategy to permanent participation whenever they want, with no attention to their health status.

Best For No-exam term policies

Not For Customer service

AM Best: A

J.D. Power: 4/5

NAIC: 1.79 (above average complaints)


  • Offers no-exam insurance to healthy individuals.
  • The policy terms are included in 15 and 10-year limits.- -, 20- and 30-year limitations.
  • Option of adding riders to tailor your requirements.
  • Guaranteed rate for the duration of the policy period.
  • You can convert your policy to permanent at any time.


  • There needs to be more information on life insurance that is available on the website.
  • A few online tools and tools and.
  • The review of Customer Service is good.
  • Customer complaints are higher than the average.

General Overview

  • Northwestern Mutual: The Best Overall
  • State Farm: Best for Young Families
  • Nationally: Best for Online Tools and Resources
  • Mutual of Omaha: The best for Customer Service
  • New York Life: Ideal for Customizable Coverage
  • Principal Financial The best choice for those with flexible Time Limits
  • Liberty Mutual: Best No-Exam Policy

Who Can Offer The Most Competitive Rates on Life Insurance?


The premiums were quoted on a $250,000 term insurance plan that lasts for 20 years. These figures refer to a person in excellent health with no additional riders to the plan.

State Farm

We received the accompanying statement for those in a state of extraordinary health across all gender and age groups. The reports all pertain to the $250,000 term of an extra security strategy that will last for 20 years.


Their fees for inclusion in the term will generally be very affordable. We received the supporting statements of a person of great well-being from all ages and gender. The strategy for this statement was for a term of $250,000, which lasted for an extended period.

Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual offers term disaster protection, a complete extra security addition, and general disaster protection. However, because they employ financial consultants that manage the entire budget, You should take an exhaustive financial audit for a financial statement.

This means you’ll need to collaborate with their financial consultants and provide additional information on your financial accounts and life. This is a massive benefit if you require help with a thorough financial planning process and require what appears to be a whole life insurance to be a component of your budget.

New York Life

Unfortunately, New York Life does not provide no-cost statements over the web. If all else is equal, they require that you fill in your details in a structured manner, following which a financial expert will meet with you to review your complete financial information.

Mutual Of Omaha

Strategies mentioned included $250,000 of term inclusion which continues for an extended period.


Costs for arrangements vary, but we received the documents that accompanied an initial $250,000 disaster prevention plan for different sexual orientations and age groups. These quotes are based on the assumption that the candidate is in great well-being and comes who is a member of the Reserves.

Worst Life Insurance Companies


Allstate is the top choice for greed and placing benefits above policyholders. Its unpopular systems were a part of contracts with the counseling firm McKinsey and Company during the 1990s. McKinsey and Co. helped Allstate buyers recognize the lowball claims. Customers who didn’t agree to this approach were confronted by the guarantee company’s “boxing gloves” — an aggressive method to deny the protection claims at all costs. This AAJ Report revealed a memo by an Allstate representative describing how bosses train specialists to lie and prohibit fires from being illegally ignited. The Allstate experts who took part received a variety of fridges as payment for their work.


Unum is a company that sells handicap insurance and tells a tale that illustrates its behavior and indifference to the disabled and disabled. For a lengthy period, it obstructed the court from bringing an individual suffering from multiple sclerosis. The treatment she received was “self-revealed,” regardless of experts’ opinions that indicated other views. 2005 was the first time Unum accepted a deal with magistrates of protection of 48 states regarding their practice.


AIG is considered to be the world’s largest insurance company. Currently dubbed “The New Enron” due to billions of dollars of fraud committed by AIG’s corporate partners, its practices involve a surge in costs during disasters and a $68 million payout to its former CEO. The company was in 2008 when the firm accepted a settlement of one or two states $12.5 million after investigations revealed that the company forged agreements with other security merchants to create fake offers, creating the illusion of a “serious” market.


Long-term strategy backup plan Conseco’s primary client base is older. Its methods include deferring judgment on legal cases to the extent where “individuals either kicked the bucket or quit any pretense of,” as per a declaration by a former Conseco expert. The 39 states and the District of Columbia agreed with Conseco over its repeated violations of protection laws in its drawn-out consideration business. Some million dollars worth of penalties and compensation for customers were handed out in the settlement. Conseco will be subject to an additional $1 million fine if it fails to improve its management and procedures.


CEO of WellPoint Angela Braly procured more than $9 million in 2007. The company’s experience always puts the actual advantages over assistance and payments to policyholders. WellPoint was sanctioned by the state’s Department of Managed Health Care in 2007 for $1 million for repeatedly abandoning strategies for pregnant women and chronically sick patients. A Los Angeles city lawyer has since filed a lawsuit against Wellpoint for $1.5 billion. The case is based on unlawful marketing and eliminating methods.


Two individuals, as well as U.S. organizations, were defrauded by the Swiss-claimed Farmers Insurance Group. Ranchers forged alliances with other insurance companies to alter their evaluating procedures and trick companies into thinking they were paying a significant price for their approach. The ranchers have spent the entire amount of a billion dollars for claims of value fixing as well as providing equipment. One particular instance exposes the concept of Farmer’s attitudes towards the payment of cases: 60-year-old Ethel Adams, of Washington State, was the victim of an accident in a vehicle which put her in a state of trance and eventually confined her to a wheelchair. Refusing to pay for Adams in the instance, Farmers expressed that the driver responsible was acting with “street anger” and that the incident was an accident. Adams’s case and the subsequent public outrage caused an alteration to the protection law of the state of Washington.


The previous UnitedHealth chief executive William McGuire got $800 million in investment opportunities and 530 million in remuneration UnitedHealth’s strategy holders suffered. As outlined by a doctor’s statement, McGuire reduced the number of medicines he prescribed and worked with doctors to reduce installments due to the detriment of the patient’s health. UnitedHealth’s record of experience is soiled by cases and fines in different states, and the requests for the state of Texas of $4 million to pay for UnitedHealth’s recurring acts of late payment of claims.


Bigotry is the name given to the story of Torchmark insurance company, founded based on its declaration as a ruse. The set of its experiences includes charges for blacks and other minorities more than whites in entombment strategies. The organization targets low-paying Southerners, and one of its blunders is the refusal to provide insurance for the rights of non-English-speaking Americans and offering fake Medicare strategies to seniors.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual, as recently mentioned in its backup plan Allstate and State Farm, recruited counseling the goliath McKinsey to help it implement aggressive strategies. The company is known for its non-renewal of contracts that are held by people who reside in states that are vulnerable to storms and northern states, including Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and the majority of New York; Liberty Mutual has leftover 3 million mortgage owners abandoned with no inclusion.

What is The Best Life Insurance Policy?

Four companies are listed below that provide the top Life insurance plans.


Bestow has taken the process of purchasing life insurance, which can take weeks to complete, and cut it to a single cycle which can be completed online in just a few minutes. When you submit your application, you will be asked to answer questions about your health and potential. Bestow utilizes that information along with other details and calculations to approve or deny your inclusion and to decide on the best value for your application.

Type of Policy: Term life insurance with 20 and 10-year terms.

Coverage The amounts range from From $50,000 to $1,000,000

Why We Love The Web 2.0 format: We will give you a quote in just a few seconds and offer you an option within minutes. The entire process is carried out through the web and does not require a hidden clinical test or blood tests.

Price: Plans start at $8 per month.


If you purchase life insurance from Fabric, you won’t have to deal with an agent or specialist trying to convince you to buy more things or add-ons that are more than you need. Apply online in a matter of minutes for applicants between 25 and 60. Fabric provides term life insurance in all states apart from Montana, California, and New York. A clinical exam may be required; however, it’s optional for some candidates.

Type of Policy: Term life insurance with durations of 10, 15, and 20 years.

Sums Covered: $100,000 to $5,000,000 for the term of.

Why We Love it: Policyholders can make an online account for free and then approach the Fabric Vault, which stores all your financial information in one place, which means it is likely to be accessible by your closest family member in the event of your death.


Ladder plans are accessible to all 50 states for applicants who are between 20 to 60. The entire process can be completed in a matter of minutes online, but a medical test is occasionally required before an endorsement selection is decided upon.

Type of Policy: Term life insurance with 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years terms.

Coverage Levels: $100,000 to $8,000,000.

Why We Love The HTML0 The ladder does not have fees for approach or value lock guarantees. You can drop it off anytime, and it comes with an available warranty. It does not have any merchants and no selling.

Cost: Policies start at 12 dollars per month.


Ethos lets applicants aged 20-60 apply for insurance strategies online within minutes, and a medical test is not required every time.

Type of Policy: Term life insurance with durations of 10, 15, 20, or 30 years. Full life insurance for those between 60 to 85.

Coverage: $100,000 to $1,500,000.

Why We Love it: Every Ethos strategy offers a faster passing advantage rider at no cost. This means that on the chance that you fall ill when this policy is in place, it is possible to receive an amount of one-third of the passing benefit, even if you’re healthy, to assist with medical expenses or any other financial demands you may face. If you die, the beneficiary will receive the value you are assuming for your strategy, less the faster passing advantage you received.

Cost: $1 million in coverage that starts as low as $1 per day.

Best Whole Life Insurance Companies

Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual offers two whole life insurance policies:

Traditional life insurance: company oversees its investments

Variable life insurance with entire life Company and client manage their investments


MassMutual provides the following whole-term life insurance policy:

All life 100: The standard insurance with a guaranteed rate

All life, You pay premiums up to the age of 65

All 20 years: Pay the premiums for 20 years

Whole 15-year life: Pay taxes for the 15th year of your life.

Whole life 10: Pay the premiums for ten years

Life insurance with a single premium Policy: Pay for the insurance in one lump sum

New York Life

New York Life offers three kinds of whole life insurance policies:

Life insurance with an entire life: Combining cash value accumulation and the assurance of coverage

Value life insurance with value Coverage guaranteed with low rates for those who are nearing retirement

Custom-designed full life insurance Maximize cash value and pay premiums for as little as five years

State Farm

State Farm offers these whole life insurance options:

Lifelong Guaranteed lifetime coverage, low costs

Life insurance with a single premium can be purchased in one lump sum.

Life insurance that pays a premium The policy can be paid off in 10, 15or 20 years.

Final cost The amount is $10,000 to cover your final costs (ages 50-80)

Which is better: Term Life or Whole Life Insurance?

If you’re planning to pass on a large inheritance, life insurance could help with the bequest costs. It can also be ideal when looking for a long-term insurance policy or if you must pay money to cover your final expenses. But life insurance for the whole family could be expensive. If you’re looking to save money over time, term life insurance may be a better option.


There are many different term and total life insurance options to look through. We searched for firms with a long track record and excellent appraisals to narrow down the list. We looked at protection inclusions and riders. We didn’t consider the cost of insurance since it can be challenging to obtain a quote for life insurance on the web, and the prices vary considerably based on gender, age, health, and experience. However, it would be best if you examined your options before calling. The protection professional earns a commission for selling you a complete life insurance program, which can influence their financial exhortation.

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