Bbnaija: phyna cries as her lover was sent to level 1

 Now that Groovy is a Level 1 housemate, Phyna, who is also his lover, can’t bear the hurtful separation.

On Friday night, Biggie made a startling choice by switching the housemates for the first time this season.

On the night that Biggie switched Deji and Groovy’s homes, Groovy served as the “sacrificial lamb for balance.”

Deji, the fake housemate, completed his covert mission after the Week 4 wager presentation when Biggie requested him to air his issues with the other Level 1 residents.

He made it clear that he wanted to move into Level 1 house, and Biggie dutifully complied, making him a Level 2 resident.

Biggie gave Groovy the go-ahead to leave and move to the level in order to maintain the balance.

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