ASCETA STRIKE: Hidden Facts Why ASCETA Staff Embarked On Strike


There already seem to be a lacuna in the Nigerian System of Education considering the fact that Universities have being on strike long before now coupled with the fact that Colleges of Education in Nigeria has joined in the ongoing strike.

With this recent development, what will be the hope of our young children?

It would be needful to remind us that Abia State College of Education (Technical) Arochukwu happens to be the only recognized  College of Education in the state burdened with the responsibility of training students who would become teachers tomorrow and future leaders.

However, it has become so unfortunate that the people saddled with this responsibility are living as people who have no hope. Hunger and starvation is kill us in numbers.

Staff of this College has been owed for many years, all available tools to get to the government had been employed before now and yet the government seems to be unconcerned about our plight.

For 29months, we have been starved, some of us have died while waiting for the government to respond to our needs. As we speak, staff of the college retire and get no gratuity nor pension that is to say that we are not and haven’t been part of the Pension Board.

What kind of Government starves her workers and yet feels no pity for the condition and well being of the staff?

Currently, we seem to be the only College of Education in Nigeria who still operate with an old system of payment where a PhD holder earns less than #60,000 which is not up to what some security men receive as their monthly salaries in some companies.

Despite all agitations for the government to review our salary structure to what it ought to be (CONPCASS), they still insist on paying us with the old scale and yet can’t meet up with our salaries on a monthly basis talk more of upsetting the arrears that has left months into years. If the salary comes the school management will deduct 10% – 15% from the out dated salary or pay 45% of it. Who did we offend?

Where do we go from here? Having put in so many years as staff. Some have worked for over 20years and yet the government doesn’t see any need to meet the needs of our college. No financial implementation of Promotion since 2008 and no promotion of staff from 2017 till date. Which we Abia state?

We call on all and sundry to assist in lending a voice to see if the government would hear our cries and meet our needs. 

The hope of our children in this present condition is quite bleak as we would remain on strike indefinitely until the government listens to us and acts adequately. 

Justice for ASCETA STAFF.

Kevin O. Egesi

Coeasu Chairman

Asceta chapter

Abia state.

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