AROCHUKWU: Reinstated ASCETA Staff Opens Up On Why He Was Sacked, As He Thanks Those Who Worked For His Reinstatement

Reinstated ASCETA Staff Kevin Onyemaechi Egesi Thanks Governor Alex C. Otti And All Those who Stood By Him During The Thick and Thin.

In his appreciate letter, he wrote,

Letter of Gratitude

I want to express my profound gratitude to people’s Governor of our dear state, Dr. Alex Otti, whom God has chosen to deliver Abia State from the hand of Pharaoh and his emissaries who dealt with Abia workers by owing them 30 months plus of salaries.

In a special way, I thank COEASU Leadership and NEC members for their unflinching support and show of camaraderie. COEASU is the engine through which my reinstatement in the College was made possible.

I am sincerely grateful to COEASU South East Zonal Delegates Congress (ZDC), led by Comrade Dr. Churchill Okonkwo, COEASU South East Vice President who fought tirelessly to ensure that Justice is served.

I thank all Abians both home and abroad, journalist and all radio stations who lend their voices to the unfortunate scenario of my sack for speaking against the conscience less government and leadership of Abia State College of Education, Technical, Arochukwu (ASCETA), that owed ASCETA workers 30 months of salary, coupled with victimization, bullying and intimidation by immediate past Provost of ASCETA.

My offence was that as a Chapter Chairman of COEASU ASCETA, I spoke against 30 months of salary owed workers by Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu led government. I stood against injustice perpetrated to ASCETA workers. I stood against how the only State college of Education in Abia is going moribund, workers sacked at the discretion of the immediate past Provost, deduction of COEASU check off dues for 50 months and kept it to himself without remitting to the union purse, deduction of 5% from workers salaries for cutting of grasses in the College. Deduction of 10% from workers salaries for no reason. exploitations, Intimidation, victimization, bullying, favoritism, nepotism and divide and rule system of administration were attributes of immediate Past Provost of ASCETA.

Based on the above reasons, the immediate past Provost sacked me and one other to silent our voices. That was not enough, he sued me for hundreds of million naira for defamatory statements against him which the case is still in COURT till today.

Nonetheless, COEASU leadership led by Dr. Smart Olugbeko. gathered team of Union lawyers to challenge my sack at Industrial court, owerri.

The emergence of Dr. Alex Otti, the messiah of our time, removed the God of Egypt from ASCETA and the new acting Provost sue for Peace by reinstating me back to the College.

I am grateful to ASCETA Academic Staff and students and other workers who have stood against the decision of God of Egypt in ASCETA, who purposely came to ensure that he becomes the Last Provost of ASCETA but God didn’t answer his Prayers.

In all, I will never cease to praise God who saw me through all the hurdles and challenges both physically, spiritually and otherwise until Justice is served.

No matter how fast lie runs, truth must over take him someday.

Long live Dr. Alex Otti!
Long live Abia State Government!
Long live COEASU NEC and ZDC!
Long live ASCETA!
Long live Abians!

Comrade Kevin O. Egesi.

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