Arochukwu/Ohafia Pupils Expresses Joy As Nwamara Campaign Team Shares Educational Materials To Them

Nwamara Campaign Council Gifts Learning Materials to Pupils in Arochukwu/ Ohafia Federal Constituency.

Nwamara Campaign Council,the campaign outfit of Dr.Okuji Obinna Oreh, the APGA candidate for Arochukwu/ Ohafia Federal Constituency in the 2023 general election on Thursday, distributed learning materials to pupils of some schools in Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency.

The Director of Finance of the Council, Barr Henry Uzo on behalf of the Council while distributing School bags to the pupils , said the gesture was aimed at encouraging parents to support the education of their children.

He explained that Dr. Oreh is complementing the efforts of the parents in the delivery of basic education in rural communities and reiterated that Dr Oreh will do a lot in the provision of learning materials when elected to represent the constituency.

He added that it is Dr.Oreh’s wish to achieve an increase in children’s school enrolment, retention, transition and completion and to help in achieving the 2030 UNESCO agenda.

According to him “ Dr.Oreh supports and would implement a system of education with accessible infrastructure, new and rehabilitated buildings, adequate sitting arrangements and other functional requirements.

Some of the Schools visited include Ndị Okorie Primary School, Abam, Ndi Oji Community Primary School, Abam , Community Primary School, Ndi Oji 2, Abam, Atan Abam Primary School, Abam, Ahuma Primary School, Abam, Ndi Agwu Primary School, Abam and Eziafor Primary School, Abam ,Primary
Amuvi comm. Primary School 1
Atani primary Schiol 1
Atani primary School. 2
Arochukwu Central school. 1
Arochukwu Central school. 2
Amoba primary School
Aggrey primary School. 1
Aggrey primary School, Arochukwu Town school. 1
Arochukwu Town school, 2
Ututu Comm. Primary School.
Ututu Town. Primary School.
Ututu Central School 1 and 2
Ohabuike primary School. Obieze Isu

The Head Masters/Mistresses of the various schools visited thanked Dr. Oreh for donating the learning materials to their schools.

Nwanara Media Team

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