AROCHUKWU NEWS: Mazi Obasi Lawson (Sobas) Commences Construction Of Aro Rural Roads Across The Community

OMEZIRI ARO (Ugwu Aro),Atuma Aro, Chief Obasi Lawson JN… chairman SOBAZ GROUP OF COMPANIES begins construction of rural roads across Arochukwu.

Accolades, encomium has been showered on the DANGOTE of ARO Kingdom, Omeziri Aro, Ugwu Aro, Atuma Aro, Onwa Irole, Chief Obasi Lawson JN as he has set an unprecedented pace in the kingdom by adding colours and unparallel beauty to the land of his birth ARO Okeigbo.

Amid his numerous and countless philanthropic activities Chief Obasi has attracted to God’s Glory series of road constructions ringing from

👉🏽 Ndi Okwara hall in Atani through Ugbo – Amankwu to Amikpe Obinkinta.

👉🏽Mgbala Ekpe Atani through Atani primary school to Amuvi Udah.

👉🏽 Interestingly , Deforested and turning Atani phase ii to Urban Centre.

These fabulous and inpacable gestures has crystalized and streamed lots of economic activities as road infrastructure is a critical catalyst to development.

Speaking with Chief Obasi Lawson JN he said this is just a step to myriad of packages and plans to developing Arochukwu.


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