Arochukwu News: I Will Move Motion For Creation Of Another Constituency In Arochukwu LGA – Collins Smith

The candidate of the Young People’s Party for Arochukwu state constituency Mr Collins Smith has promised to push for the creation of another state constituency from the current Arochukwu state constituency if elected in the state House elections. The YPP candidate who said that Arochukwu State Constituency is the single largest Constituency not only in Abia state but in the whole of Nigeria.
Mr Smith stated this when he appeared as a guest on the Aro Okeigbo Blog Town Hall Series, he promised to make use of his political contacts to make this a reality
” I will make use of all my contacts to make sure that there is a creation of a new Constituency from the current Arochukwu state constituency.

Collins Smith During Aro Okeigbo Blog Town Hall Series

Arochukwu is one of the single largest constituencies in Nigeria , not just Abia state. I have not seen any large LGA in Abia state that doesn’t have two state constituency”.
On how he would handle opposition to the idea of creating a new constituency, the YPP candidate was optimistic on getting the buy in from all the clans in Arochukwu and taking advantage of his deep contacts with the Ngwa clan who constitute majority of house members to get this to sail through
“getting things right is always difficult, I have been an activist, I know that going from good to best they are always people you will step on their toes , but the creation of state Constituency is something that will benefit everybody , it will give room for the Abam brothers to have representation while other clans too will have representation. I don’t see it as something I will have much hurdle. The only place I will have much hurdle is in the assembly where you have 24 man assembly and about 15 is coming from Ngwa and 8 or 9 coming from Abia North, that is why I say with my contacts with Ngwa I will lobby my fellow colleagues to get what we want.

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