The member representing Arochukwu state constituency in the Abia state House of Assembly Hon. Mike Okoha has admonished the electorates of Arochukwu state constituency to vote based on visible track record of their chosen contestants. Hon. Okoha made this appeal while featuring as guest on the Aro Okeigbo Blog Town Hall Series.

Mike Ukoha

In his word’s ” I employ all Arochukwu State constitutents to vote only those who have visible track records, not those who will tell stories, I Hon. Okoha isn’t saying I will do this or that , I am showing you what I have done and telling you I will do more. Most of those contesting today don’t have any antecedents , nothing to show , they only have stories to tell”.

The lawmaker who spoke passionately about his call to political leadership which he said is guided by the values of selfless service and sacrifice, he said these two values have guided him throughout his first term in office as a house member and that is why the good people of Arochukwu state constituency are reaping the dividends of democracy as they are today.

Taking pride in some of his achievements Hon. Mike Okoha who is also the Minority Whip of the house said ” as a first timer in the house I was able to sponsor a bill, The Abia State Diaspora Bill, which was eventually signed into law by the governor not just that, as a consequence of passing this law we have been able to harness our diaspora population to benefit of our local women, currently Arochukwu women have over 2 million naira in an account that is disbursed monthly. We are now showing other clans and LGAs how to take advantage of this law to the benefit of their local population.
Still on bill tally, the house member noted that he tapped into the vision of the current government of the state to establish three universities by sponsoring a bill to upgrade ASCETA into a full fledged university of education.
According to him the bill is in the works and is confident that before the next administration in will be signed into law. This would also come with enormous economic and social benefits for the Arochukwu environ.
Other areas of impact the law maker says he is proud of, is in the area of grants and loans facilitations.
Hon. Okoha noted that through his office he has facilitated grants and loans up to 8million for hundreds of Aro youths. ” We have gotten as far as 8million naira for some persons in this Arochukwu to put in their businesses, we have helped hundreds of youth to access funds from the CBN and World Bank, although there is a process there must undergo, our job is to help you with things like CAC registration , entrepreneurship training and any other other thing that would make you get the facility from the financial institution. I promise we are going to do more of this during my next term.

On what to expect from him if he gets re-elected , the honourable member stressed on the value of having him return as ranking member some of which includes possibility of speakership of the House if the governorship goes to the Abia central or deputy Speaker or Majority leader of the house if the governorship goes to the North, according to him each of this positions comes with an improved benefit in terms of Constituency projects. Honourable Mike Okoha stressed that Arochukwu State Constituency has a lot to lose if he doesn’t get re-elected.


An extract from Aro Okeigbo Blog Town Hall Series 2023


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