Aro News: Senator Mao Donates #500, 000 To Restore Electricity In Arochukwu

Following our call for assistance to restore public power supply to Arochukwu, Sen. Mao Ohuabunwa invited the VPG1 and SG to find out the details of the problem.

He immediately called the EEDC officials at Umuahia and Enugu who confirmed the magnitude of the challenge.
While thanking other Aro leaders who have responded to our clarion call, Sen. Mao immediately transferred five hundred thousand naira to Nzuko Aro account towards raising the required fund for the repairs.

He also promised to follow up with the EEDC to ensure the problem receive the desired attention.
Please, join the CWEC to thank Sen. Mao, Mazi Chinedu Okoronkwo, Prof Kanu Nkaginieme and Mazi Chimezie Orji and other Aro leaders for their prompt response.

We are hopeful other patriotic ones among us will soon drop their contributions to raise the required amount.
We will not spend Ikeji in darkness!

Cenco Morgan


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