An Open Letter To Dr. Alex Otti By Barr. Onyekachi Okereke

Your Excellency,
Distinguished Dr Alex Chioma Otti,


I must strongly commend your audacious doggedness in bringing freedom to the good Abia people,
You’re a good man,an established astute gentleman and it’s a belief that you will transform Abia state,
But sir I would like to point some areas of concern which I humbly ask you to to give attention to,

1.It has been signed into law that teachers should be given extra 5 years ,but this is dead on arrival in Abia state as teachers are being retired currently by force,I plead you rectify this and bring back those where wrongly with impunity retired forcibly.

2.Still on teachers ,their salary schedule is too poor in Abia state comparing to other states and yet it is always split,they are not paid their salaries in full,leading us to no 3.


3.Pensioners are not paid their pensions and gratuity(absolute non payment)and currently they are paid half pensions anytime they are paid and months of unpaid pensions are waved with impunity.

4.An avenue for recruitment into the civil service,ministries and other government parastatals should be of urgent address,there are many of us graduates who are intellectually sound,willing and ready to really work as long the salary schedule is right.

5.The incentives with civil service ,the allowances ,should be revamped ,that’s the civil service we desire and was told while growing up that an average civil servant could be comfortable and a motivation to work harder,it’s not being paid which has brought down the prestige of the civil servants.

6.Take your time and look into Abia state University,the unnecessary high fees are insensitive and parents of most students as still civil servants.


7.Ghost workers should be screened out and professionals should be assigned to his or her area of professionalism.
Simpliciter,an ardent attention should be given to teachers ,civil servants and pensioners and grant us who are Willing to work for Abia State employment.

Abia state is in decadence and it won’t be an easy one but we the citizens of Abia state will help and revamp our dear Abia,
I am Onyekachi Okereke ,a native of Ujari village ,Arochukwu,I believe in a new Abia and would want to be part and work for this Abia state and if given the opportunity.

O.C Okereke Esq


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