Rev. Ogbuchukwu Lotanna, an Anglican priest serving in the Nnewi Diocese in Anambra State, has left the church.

In his resignation letter, Lotanna, a lawyer from Mbanagu Otolo Nnewi, claimed that he had a divine mission to launch a movement in favor of polygamy.

He asserted that he was given a heavenly mandate to start a movement that would promote polygamy with the goal of lowering the prevalence of sexual vice in society.

Contrary to what is typically taught, he emphasized that polygamy is not a sin.

He claimed that God detested all forms of divorce as well as having relations with another man’s wife.

He claimed that instead of pursuing someone else’s wife or other women they were not already married to, God wanted men to even marry more than one wife.

He claimed that the church had long kept this information a secret from its members and that it was past time for the public to learn the truth.

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He urged men to wed their “side chicks” in order to avoid the fires of hell, arguing that the only issue with polygamy was adhering to a religion that forbade it because “two cannot function unless they agree.”

He also revealed the names of his new movement and their temple: “Gideonites” and “Gideonites’ Temple,” respectively.

The Lord has opened my eyes to the truth that polygamy is not a sin, the man said. “It is apparent that the church, especially the Anglican Church, has been teaching against the concept of polygamy,” he said.

His coworkers expressed surprise at Lotanna’s action and said they had never anticipated it.

On December 22, 2019, in the Cathedral Church of St. Mary’s Uruagu in Nnewi, Lotanna was ordained as an Anglican priest. He is married to Chinyere Abigail, who is from the Umuogbu community of Achara in the Awka North region of Anambra State.

The Anglican Diocese of Nnewi has not yet issued an official statement regarding the development because it is preoccupied with preparations for its 2022 synod.

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