Alex Otti Will Not Ignore Anyone – Mazi Kanu Ivi


Arochukwu Born business man and community leader has assured all supporters and advocates of good governance in Abia State to channel their energy and support in canvassing for Dr. Alex Otti.

In a statement glimpse by Aro Okeigbo Blog, the Arochukwu Born business man assured all supporters of Dr. Alex and the yet to join ones to ignore anyone who would come to convince them that Mr. Alex won’t notice their efforts campaigning for him, while he won’t appreciate their efforts.

He noted that Dr. Alex is not that dumbed to notice his supporters and stated that Abia has a lot of resources and can produce a lot of more good things that will make every Abian a happy and proud person only when the rightful one ascends the seat.

In his release he wrote,

“Let us all be assured that Dr Alex Otti will not ignore anyone, or any ward, village, community, LGA and indeed any part of Abia State in the canvassing of support and votes to help him win the election. He needs all of us.

He will also carry the people of every community in every part of Abia state along in any allocation of government projects and distribution of dividends of democracy and good governance when he becomes the Governor of the state by the grace of God. 

Let’s rally around him. For he still remains, among all the competing candidates, the best candidate with the best intentions to govern Abia state better with tested skill set, knowledge, contacts and connections to help develop and grow Abia state to excellence. 

I think he has the right capacity, competence and character, without any poor performed governor’s backing or any bad politians’ image and deficit baggage in governance to contend with. 

Let’s support Dr Alex Otti to lead Abia state to prosperity; that we may depart from the rot or decay the state has suffered all along. 

Abia has a lot of resources and can produce a lot more of good things that will make every Abia person happy and proud. 

Dr Alex Otti will not ignore anybody or any community. He will be fair to all and to all the communities in the state.”

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