Alex Otti is A Segregationist, We Won’t Vote For Him Again – Onoh Chukwuma


Alex Otti is A Segregationist, We Won’t Vote For Him Again 

By Onoh Chukwuma Richard 

Dr. Alex Chioma Otti is the gubernatorial candidate of the Labour Party, the isialangwa south born is said to have his ancestral root in Arochukwu ancient kingdom which is one of the factors that made Ngwa people reject his emergence as they wanted a proper Ngwa man to go for them since it was there turn.

Remember that no politician is a saint but Abians wanted a fresh and independent candidate who doesn’t have an established godfather to man the number one seat which played out in the protest votes that’s said to have been rigged by PDP using Obingwa LGA, Osisioma LGA, and ugwunagbor LGA.

In the said election, Arochukwu LGA voted massively for him reason being that he is our son and will prioritize the development of our communities should he emerge but unfortunately, he lost the mandate and he returned to the ballot in 2019 and we voted for him massively as our son.

The essence of this article is to know our place in the heart of Alex Otti

As his support system otti has never attended events in Ututu, he doesn’t contribute to the development of Ututu my community because he feels we are insignificant and the same can be said of Isu Okeke, Ihechiowa, and has no project in Abam.

You might ask about the political position he occupies to build roads and other projects

You must not hold a political position to facilitate development. Otti used his contact to facilitate the construction of roads and other projects in the Arochukwu clan that gave him the second to the lowest votes which he claims is his ancestral home and up to this moment, he does think it’s right to make case for the development of other communities making up Arochukwu.

The only time he remembers Abam is whenever he wants to run for an election, he will zone Statehouse to them so they can use such sympathy to vote him in and if he does not win, he completely abandons other components making up Arochukwu LGA.

We voted for him in 2015 and even when we knew he won’t win the 2019 election, we opted to waste our votes on him but instead of appreciating us, he chooses to ignore us like we don’t exist and champion the development of Aro Alone which in a very standard Portraits him as clannish person and we are saying no to a segregationist like him.

We are wiser now and we shall say no to him come 2023

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