A man killed his friend because of #300 naira

Toheeb Kilani, a factory worker, has disappeared after being accused of fatally stabbing his coworker, Emmanuel Ojo, over N300 in the Mushin district of Lagos State.

PUNCH When the two hopped on a motorcycle and rode over to Kilani’s home on Asabi Street in Mushin, Metro discovered that they were on their way back from somewhere.

After driving Ojo and Kilani to their destination, the motorcyclist collected money from the pals and gave them each N300 in change to split among themselves.

However, as they were splitting the cash, there was a disagreement that turned physical. Kilani allegedly used a cutter to stab Ojo in the neck during the altercation.

Kilani fled the site after committing the crime, leaving the victim, who was

It was discovered that some kind people transported Ojo to a neighbouring hospital, where the attending physician pronounced him dead upon arrival.

Later, officers from the Olosan police station received the body of Ojo.

When Stanley Ufon, an apprentice, visited the scene, he claimed that N300 was the root of the argument and that it began as soon as they dismounted the motorcycle.

The motorcyclist gave them N300 to split among themselves because he didn’t have change, according to Ufon, and then he went. They got into a quarrel over the money and started arguing.

One of the two pulled out a cutter, and the other person was stabbed. We attempted to rush the victim to the hospital as soon as the suspect realised what he had done.

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