Bbnaija: biggie introduced new housemate

about the noteworthy events from the ongoing Big Brother Naija (Level Up) reality TV series’ eighth week

Day 51: “Evicted” are Doyin, Chomzy, and Eloswag

From the Level Up home, Doyin, Chomzy, and Eloswag were kicked out. But unlike usual, the expelled housemates didn’t totally vacate the Big Brother house. Instead, they were kept on as “guests” in a brand-new home that was built only for them and called “Level Three.” The trio had been kicked off the show, but the host of the show, Ebuka, disclosed to the audience that they were unaware of their destiny.

Day 52: Phyna takes home HOH

As she won the Head of House title for the first time, Phyna was thrilled. Phyna replaced Chomzy as the show’s second female Head of House.

On the show, Phyna rose to become the second female Head of House. When offered the option to choose a roommate, Phyna chose Groovy right away. Phyna is exempt from the upcoming eviction due to her position as HOH.

Day 53: Bella and Phyna engage in physical violence

A movie night with Groovy and Bryan and two other visitors served as Phyna’s prize. When they arrived at the place designated for them, they were surprised to encounter the previously ousted housemates. The roommates started talking about their upcoming reunion, which would take place months after the show.

Later that day, Phyna and Bella got into a heated argument during which their respective love partners, Groovy and Sheggz, took sides. When Phyna questioned, the situation got worse.

Day 54: Doyin and Allyson make up

Doyin and Allyson got into a fight over Allyson’s lack of sympathy for Doyin’s eviction, and they later made up. After hashing out their differences, the two concluded their argument with a big hug.

Today’s diary session was attended by some of the residents. Chizzy confessed to Biggie that he had a crush on Doyin during their conversation. Groovy added that Chizzy missed Doyin and was devastated by her eviction.

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BBNaija: Phyna choose Groovy as her HOH and roommate
Food shortage hits the BBNaija house, causing Level 3 Tension for Doyin, Eloswag, and Chomzy.
Day 55: Biggie hosts a movie night for the residents

Some of the housemates received tickets from Big Brother to a Showmax movie date.


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