4 people were slain in Kwara at an 8/8 cult celebration.

Four people, comprising members of several cult groups, were reportedly shot dead Monday night in the Olunlade area of Ilorin, Kwara State capital, during the traditional celebration of August 8 (8/8) cult activities.

Residents of the vicinity reported having trouble sleeping owing to the periodic gunshots that blasted the area while the celebration lasted when members of several cult groups attacked themselves in a gun duel.

In an interview with media, residents in the region reported that four people were killed in retaliation by various cult organisations.

However, Ajayi Okasanmi, spokesman for the Kwara State Police Command, who confirmed the development, stated that just two deaths occurred during the celebration.

“Only two people were killed in the 8/8 celebration by cult groups, not four as some people claim,” he claimed. One individual died at the scene of the incident in Olunlade, while the other died later in the hospital.”

“You know that yesterday (Monday) was August 8 and the many cult groups were celebrating the day in several places in the town,” the PPRO said of the possible cause of the problem.

We don’t know what precipitated the crisis among the cult members in Olunlade, but we suspect it had something to do with rivalry among the cult factions.

“According to an intelligence report, a crisis erupted, and opposing cult members began firing irregularly to attack each other.”

Okasanmi stated that the situation has been stabilised and that calm has returned to the area.

However, a government employee in the area told journalists that the situation began Monday night at a local gin shop near the Bovas Petrol station in Olunlade.

According to the worker, members of a cult group followed a man to the location, but the target bolted and they opened fire on him.

“A bullet fired by cult members struck two people, including the son of a local gin merchant.” “They pursued their target and eventually got him and shot him in the head,” he claimed.

Another witness, who identified himself only as Abdulmojeed, stated that two people were slain by cult members, while two more were shot.

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