4 Death In ASCETA Sequel To 32 Months Unpaid Salary

32 Months Unpaid Salary of the staff of the Abia State College od Education Techinacal Arochukwu (ASCETA) has continued leaving the college community in continuous mourning state as staff of the college are reportedly going to early grave due to hunger and starvation.

Abia state college of Education ( Tech.) Arochukwu record’s 4 staff death within two weeks and last night. The Staff includes

1. Mr Stephen Amaraihu

2. Dr. Chioma Uchenna

3. Dr. Uchechi S. Chijioke

4. Me Johnbul Okpudo.

Recall that Aro Okeigbo Was on 19th July 2021 posted a protest Photos/Video as the staff embarked on a peaceful protest around the Government owned Agencies in Arochukwu L.G.A.

As at the time of the protest, the Staff were owed 31 months which later moved the Governor releasing one month to them. 

The Continuous demise of the college staff was disclosed by the COEASU Chairman, Kevin Egesi via his Facebook handle.

In his writing, He wrote; 

The college staff are owed 32 months salary arrears and they are dying one after the other due to hunger and starvation. No money to pay hospital, feeding and other bills, workers are planning to come to Umuahia to sit down at the government house until they starve to death. They said, they would come with coffins. what do we do because we have respected the governor enough based on the firm promises he made in July that he will Pay 5 months arrears In August and subsequently finish it, nothing has happened till now.  God have mercy. May your souls rest in peace.



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