The Enugu State Police Command’s agents have detained three female suspects for their involvement in a conspiracy, child trafficking, and murder.

The suspects were detained by the police on Friday for allegedly selling twin babies for N3 million. They were named as Cynthia Ukorie, 25, Pauline Onyia, 56, and Ijeoma Aroh, 39. Additionally, it was learned that the mother, Chinenye Odo, was allegedly poisoned to death.

The mother was allegedly deceived by Aroh, who allegedly helped organise the sale of the infants, into believing that they had been sold for N2,350,000. She handed the mother N1, 800,000 as a result, while also giving N50,000 each to Ukorie and Onyia and retaining the balance for


Daniel Ndukwe, a spokesman for the Enugu State Police Command, claimed that the issue began when the mother of the twins learned the precise price at which her children had been sold. When she requested the remainder of the proceeds, it was discovered that she had been poisoned by corn.

According to the statement, Ukorie Cynthia, age 25, Onyia Pauline, age 56, and Aroh Ijeoma, age 39*, all residents of Enugu, were charged with conspiracy, child trafficking, and murder today, August 26, 2022, by the state criminal intelligence and investigation department of the Enugu State Police Command.

“The suspects were remanded in Enugu Correctional Custodial Center until further hearing of the case after being arrested on July 26, 2022, by police officers working out of Central Police Station (CPS) Enugu.

“Their arrest followed the receipt of a report alleging that they conspired to sell the newborn twins of one Chinenye Odoh, who was 31 years old, and that they then killed her by poisoning her food after she realised the suspects had only given her a portion of the money they had received for the babies.

Investigations showed that Ukorie Cynthia housed the dead till she gave delivery on July 5, 2022, and that Aroh Ijeoma helped sell the infants by getting in touch with Onyia Pauline, a nurse, who brought a couple who paid three million naira for them at the time of birth. That in contrast to this amount, Ijeoma gave the deceased and mother of the babies, Chinenye, the information that the children had been sold for N2,350,000.00 ($2,350.000), and then gave her the sum of N1,800,000.00, gave Cynthia and Pauline each N5,000.00, and kept the remaining proceeds for herself.

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