2023: Nigeria Will Be Like Afghanistan If Vagabonds In Power Remain Indifferent – Charly Boy

 2023: Nigeria Will Be Like Afghanistan If Vagabonds In Power Remain Indifferent – Charly Boy

According to Nigerian musician, Charly Boy, if the people in charge of managing the affairs of the country and the economy don’t mend what they’ve broken, Nigeria will end up like Afghanistan, Venezuela, Somalia, and Lebanon.

Charly Boy said that Nigeria, which is gearing up for the general elections in 2023, might enter a turbulent hell.

He wrote on Twitter, “ A stormy Hell Fire is gathering in Nigeria. I can almost smell it and e dey choke.

“If the Vagabonds in power remain indifferent or fail to fix this Bullshit they started.

“Nigeria will certainly become a combination of Afghanistan Venezuela, Somalia and Lebanon.”

Charly Boy went ahead advising Nigerians to defend themselves at all times.

“The Fulani Freedom Fighters (FFFs) have been let loose from Hell by their masters.

“Nigerians be ready to defend yourselves.”

In other news, BBNaija housemate Doyinsola David revealed how her mother reacted when she told her about her intention to lose her virginity.

During a conversation with her housemates, Doyin disclosed to them that her mom had advised her to use a condom whenever she felt like sacrificing her virginity as a girl.

Doyin said, “My mother asked me whether I was really ready for it, and we just talked freely as if it was no big issue.”

She stated that her mother is the kind of parent that always wants her child to be honest with her, no matter what.

The rest of the housemates seemed a little taken aback by Doyin’s claim.

On her part, Bella asserted that her mother thinks she is still virgin and is eagerly awaiting a cow from her suitor as payment for rearing a woman who maintained her virginity till marriage.

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