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About The Arochukwu Waterfall and 79 Steps


Arochukwu waterfall is a public recreation spot located in Ibom Village Arochukwu Kingdom in Arochukwu Local Government Area, Abia State, Nigeria. It is strategically located along the major road leading to Agbagwu and flanked between the Police Barracks and The Nigerian Prisons here in Arochukwu.

It is situated at the back of Arochukwu Stadium, with a gloomy nature due to the presence of natural trees and saplings. The environment Of the Arochukwu waterfall is always noisy, due to the sounds generated from the speedy outpouring of the waterfall. The waterfall fall over a narrow horizontal surface projecting from a two opposite stone into a wide pool at the down part of it. Due to the heavy outburst of the water, the users always get scared if the water can push down the heavy stone out of pressure, which when sunk can kill an individual instantly.

The park is serving as both a tourist destination and leisure spot, it is  operated by the residents of Arochukwu Kingdom and neighbours such as Ihechiowa, Ututu, Abam, Isu and people from other parts of the world. The park can boasts of a natural and peaceful environment which will give you the much fun, excitement and relaxation you desire. It is one of the best tourist sites one will always like to visit because of its natural surrounding such as trees, wildlife-friendly plants, sloping ground . Most visitors take an hour or two to wonder around how the place came into existence; if the structures were erected by human beings or derived from nature, but  one can spend all day at Natural Surroundings mostly when it comes to Arochukwu WAterfall, especially in the summer when there is so much to see.

In the waterfall, there is also a tiny step known as 79steps, at the down part of the 79 steps, there is a river leading to the waterfall, which when reached to the waterfall, it now comes out like a spring water with so much freshness and  Feeling the sensation of coldness, especially to the point of discomfort.

The year of the waterfall and the 79 steps can not be traced, consequently it is a water project and pleasure scour by the then British colonists.

According to Nwa Maazi Nnadozie Victor, the Arochukwu 79steps and it waterfall was not meant for the Arochukwu people but to the egoistical interest of the erecters (The British Colonists).

Earlier now, the Arochukwu waterfall and 79 steps has not been discovered since after the departure of the British colonists, not until earlier 2013 when a group of Youth Coper Members discovered it.

Earlier now, not upto 19% residents of Arochukwu kingdom know about this leisure park, not until it started Trending.

The British move of colonizing the Aro People was established in the year 1690 and disestablished in 1902, on this note, the erecting of 79steps can be traced within the space of these years.

If not the war that began after increasing tension between Aro leaders and British colonialists after years of failed agreement.

The British colonists started envying the Aro People because of their political, economic and an oracular center as it was home of the mighty Ibini Ukpabi oracle.

The discovery of the Arochukwu waterfall and 79 steps can be traced within the space of the period that the British colonists stayed in Aro.

The Arochukwu waterfall and 79 steps is now making wave on social media since after it discovery.

Formally the indigenes of Aro only comes home to watch the ekpo display, but now the Arochukwu waterfall and 79 steps is now one of the major reasons why some now come home oftenly.

Arochukwu waterfall can also be referred to as Ogbana Nkume or 79steps waterfall,  it has now become one of the major tourist attractions in our community which attracts visitors from within and outside Arochukwu.

The waterfall got its name as 79steps because of the 79steps which was constructed for easy access to the fall, but the fall can be accessed by two paths for easy access.

It was also said that when the British were settling Arochukwu making courts and all that, they did want to use the waterfall as as source of electricity supply. Its locomotive relics can still be seen at the base of the waterfall.

79 steps and it waterfall is now talk of the Town, as everyone who visits Aro will love to be there.

We have brought you some pictures to feed your eyes.

Watch Below.

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