Samat Saheed and an unnamed girl were killed when the Covenant Point Academy school fence collapsed on them at Ajose Street in the Amukoko neighbourhood of Lagos State.

According to information obtained by PUNCH Metro, the three-year-old Samat was playing outside the school’s gate next to his mother’s shop while the nine-year-old girl was passing through the school’s entrance to get to her destination when the fence suddenly fell on them.

Samat was killed quickly as the fence collapsed on them, our correspondent learned, while the nine-year-old daughter lost consciousness and apparently passed very soon after the tragedy.

Eyewitness Ganiyu Ayeloja told our correspondent that the owner of the school had been arrested after residents, who were traumatised by the occurrence, contacted the police.

“The cops came and arrested the owner of the school building,” he stated. There are only piled bricks in the structure; there are no pillars. The building was poorly constructed; there was no wiring, pillar, or other structural support, thus it collapsed quickly.

It is regrettable that the two kids were there when it collapsed. The parents of one of the kids were instantly informed since their son was there because they owned a store adjacent to the school.

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