16 years old boy get A’s in all his wassce result

 Valour Mbre Inyang, a native of Nigeria’s Akwa Ibom state, has astounded Nigerians with his stellar test scores.

In the 2022 West African Senior School Certificate Examination, 16-year-old Valour received nine A1s across all of his courses.

Not only that, but he also dominated the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) tests, earning a 343 overall.

The intelligent youngster spoke with PUNCH about how he accomplished his amazing academic feat and his future goals.

I’m from Akwa Ibom State’s Eket Local Government Area. Although I am my parents’ first son, I am their second child. My sister is older than me.

You performed remarkably well in the 2022 WASSCE, passing.

My dad and I weren’t very surprised by it. They are all aware of the kinds of objectives I set for myself. It’s incredible to receive an A in marketing, economics, civics, English, further mathematics, general mathematics, chemistry, physics, and technical drawing.

What thoughts popped into your head when you saw the outcome?

My dad, however, promised to inspect it later in the day when he learned that the WASSCE results would be announced on that day. He later called me and showed me my outcome.

One of the reasons I was pleased was that all of my efforts had not been in vain. I didn’t waste any of the work I had put in to get there. An enthusiasm surge had barely passed.

A difficult paper was there in the WASSCE?

Yes, of course. During one of the experiments for my Chemistry Practical assignment, I made a significant mistake. Just all of a sudden, everything went wrong. Because my valuations were off, I had to cancel and write off a number of stuff. My efforts were so flawed.

When they learned what had transpired, my classmates questioned whether I could still complete that course. I then continued to have faith and confidence in God, knowing that because I had worked so hard, I would succeed. I put in considerably more effort to hide my mistakes in the objective and theoretical articles.

I did give up part of my sports time in order to have more study time. I love

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