The Meaning of Ovia Uwasi

 Up till now, some people still find it difficult to explain what exactly does Ovia Uwasi mean.

Some has explained it to the best of their knowledge as someone who is believed to be on sick-bed or who may be experiencing severe sickness, whose chances of getting well soon is under chance.

The term “Ovia Uwasi” is rarely used by any other part of Nigeria except from the Aro People, who are not just making use of it but literally originated from them.

Aro People Uses this term “Ovia Uwasi” to confuse a stranger whom they don’t want to review a state of health of someone to, until the time they believed to be the rightful time for it.

For a stranger who is just hearing it for the first time, he may think that it’s a kind of Igbo proverb used in describing a sick person.

At times strangers explaind it to be someone who is in coma, while some attribute it as someone who went to the bush.

Now, before we continue about the issue of “Ovia Uwasi” I want you to bear in mind that once you hear the  term “Ovia Uwasi” just note that Something unusual has occured prematurely, and it’s usually not good news.

This issue of Ovia Uwasi has gotten many people confuse, most especially scholars who are in the field of linguistics, culture and Traditions.

In Arochukwu, “Ovia Uwasi” literally mean that someone is dead but not yet Official to People.

For Example, when the sad demise of Our late Eze Kanu Orji occured, the family did not just come and announce it to people that Eze Aro is late, because if they do such, it simply mean that they are ready for the burial rites, of the late Eze.

The rightful way to announce the demise of a Hero in Arochukwu is by declaring the state of “Ovia Uwasi” on him until proper arrangements for the funeral rites are made.

You can’t just come out and announce the death of an Eze Aro like an ordinary person when you know that Arochukwu is not just a kingdom but a great one indeed.

One May also Ask is it bad to announce the death of Eze Aro to People immediately it occurred, the answer  is “YES” it is wrong  because Arochukwu played a vital role to not only the south Eastern Nigeria but to the entire world as a whole, and of such it will drag the interest of the universe on the ways for the burial and to know how Aro People bury their king.

One may also ask what vital role did Aro People played to not only south Eastern Nigeria but to the entire universe as stated above. Arochukwu  or Aro Okeigbo was an economic, political, Slave trade route and an oracular center as it is the  home of the mighty Ibini Ukpabi oracle, the High Priests is the Aro King who is often reffered as Eze Aro.

Aro People played a vital part during the period of slavery as they created a route that connects the slave buyers and the slave sellers with the help of Mmiri Onuasu in Amasu (Pictured Above) VillagArochukwu.

Up till today, People still refer Aro People  as the slave masters as they created an avenue to sell and buy slaves which is not true, despite that we created a route for exporting slaves but we never begged anyone to sell his or her brother to us.

With this, I believe you have gotten a clear definition of “Ovia Uwasi”.

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